Thursday, May 14, 2015

RUN NO. 2438 DIPLO 12MAY15

RUN NO. 2438

H3 Psycho-Gang Payjama Has Run was a beauty!

The usual Tuesday night crowd of keen, fit, and very attractive looking lady hasers of Brunei, eagerly gathered together to hear the usual H3 Pre-run report.

The night began with the Duchess of Cambridge assisting Smurf to maneuver her car around the Hash tent in order tor the after-run refreshments to be placed in the correct position, ready for consumption.

The two terrific JMs then proceeded to announce that the run would be approximately an hour long for the front-runners. Well, it was that and a little bit more! There were lots of "checking calls" heard in the jungle throughout the run.

The run had everything... hills, mud, sand, water and also beautiful, think jungle that only  Hashers in Brunei get to enjoy every week. Where else in the world would you rather be?

After H3 runners had returned from the jungle and individuals were adequately hydrated, the call was heard to ... "Gather, round... Gather round".

The 'Shout Up' consisted of numerous exciting announcements, down-downs, a joke and celebrations that only happen at H3. The highlights included Peachi Keen receiving her 50 run pewter trophy goblet, a well aimed Hashit Water Throwing Ceremony and also the exciting news about a '7 Hash runs in 7 days' event that will be happening in the near future.

(Never Wrong finally got out at 10.45pm after help from H4 boys, and friends. She was in good spirit and well. Around a dozen H3 ladies waited for her arrival after three sweeps by various groups. Somehow NW decided to do a bit of extra training for her Mt K assault this weekend and ended up some ridge away from H3 paper - Ed)

onon Licker

NEXT RUN: DST - a relatively long, all terrain run. (Wear longs)
HARES: Wilma/Licker/Eloise/SamIAm

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