Tuesday, May 05, 2015


RUN NO. 2436
DATE: 28 APR 2015

I know I know one should write the run reports sooner, now I'm not sure if what I'll write is off the Hash Relay or of Tuesdays Hash. Both quite memorable.
Its been a while that I've been down in Lucky Gardens and I always enjoy it. Lots of jokes made as we stumbled in, since we were missing quite an amount of ladies who hashed the Hash Relay on Sunday, the other half struggling up the hill. Comments made and laugh salvo's heard and we were only on the first hill.

First check was found and the back horn was honking....bloody hell I'm sincerely getting slow. Being injured hobbling to the woods made a lousy front horn, nearly swopped places with the back horn but she wouldn't have it.
All checks were back checks and well laid, expected from weathered hares! Sneakily placed. 
A beautiful trail on not too obvious track send all hens in and out with a smile. A good little workout with front runners barely making it out before the pack. Where a wonderful pasta awaited the hens after the On-On....things were said, a new member was called (I believe) and a first timer briefed well. 
Hashit was given to Peachikeen....don't ask what for, but it was well taken.

Next weeks run will be Dutch 70th Liberation day celebrations, the hash will be slightly different where checks are replaced by stations to be passed and concurred. 
Tungku beach, surfers beach side to park your car and the start of the trail, with the On-On at the second beach and  4x4's ready to bring along your change of clothes and shuttle back to the cars after. 
Bring a swimsuit if you fancy a dip and wear Orange or Red/white/blue. Peace be upon everyone!

On-On HashHound
NEXT RUN: TUNGKU BEACH - bring a chair

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