Saturday, May 23, 2015

RUN NO. 2439 DST 19MAY15

RUN NO. 2439
DATE: 19MAY2015

We all gathered at DST ready for nice little run, only to be informed that it was a 6.38km run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what I needed after almost 3 hours in the jungle the day before, recceing over tree falls in dense bamboo.

Anyway, off went to horn and we set off down the way we came in and then off to the right. Down the gas line we went  On and on and on and on. Through a nasty swamp, and then on and on and on. Straight down the gasline. There had been a check off to the left and the paper wasn’t very well laid through, it was still going two ways, luckily our combined hash experience got us through this potential disaster.

Basically we carried on, then did a u-turn and came back up a path that was sandy, then gravelly and finally concrete. And that’s pretty much it! The shout was very well conducted, as usual, by our trusty JMs. Out came the hats, and three hashers got new names, Wilma became ‘Super Trouper’, Kim became ‘Over This’ and Tiff became ‘Patsy’ - run darling, there’s booze at the finish line! Which I think is what most of us are thinking as the horn goes at 5.15. A very hearty dinner was provided - thank you hares.

This week we ask that you turn up at least 5 minutes before check-in, enjoy the journey - and Come Hash With Us…….  

Kem/Hornbill & Good Night Kiwi "A stroll in the park"

Nice trails

New hash handles for Kim - "Over it"/Wilma "SuperTrooper" /Tiff "Patsy"

Great sunset

Next run: SUBOK 309 - "Pilots' Wives Club run"
Hares: Pee Wee and friends

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