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RUN NO. 2406 DIPLO 30SEP14

RUN NO. 2406
DATE: 30 SEP 2014

Hare retiring from Work!

Glamour looking great at the out with JM Hash Hound

We arrived at the run and on site in pretty good time. Ah Diplo, how we love thee. We received a few instructions as this was indeed Alison’s retirement run! We were to look out for anything to do with old age, and were kindly told that should our legs not be feeling great, that there may be a shorter version of events.

The horn sounded and off we went, across the moonscape and into the jungle down a fairly steep incline. We took in some lovely classic Diplo trails, a few undulations and then first check, I cant quite remember who found it, but the paper was called and laid through and off we went again. I think it was after first check that we had the opportunity to cut out, so if a short run was what you fancied, a short run was what you could have! An excellent idea.

More lovely trails took us back the opposite way to which we had come in. We came up a little incline to find a very confused Nippon San, completely lost. A few more runs in Diplo and she’ll recognise the beginnings of Bill’s Ridge for sure. There was a sign saying ‘Follow the track out if you’ve had enough‘ (or words to that effect) with an arrow pointing up towards Bill’s Ridge, or the paper continued in the opposite direction if we fancied a longer run.

Gluttons for punishment that we are, the rest of us opted for the longer run, Nippon San was back on track! The hares fitted a few more hills in there for us, I was almost regretting the longer option, then at the last check we hit a mini problem, ‘on‘ paper was found but going both ways, luckily Velma was coming in for a short walk and we chanced upon her, she assured us we were on the in-trail, so a bit of hash craft from the Iron lady and we all trotted out on the in-trail. Not quite what it should have been, but as near as damn it! And at least we knew everyone would come out safely.
The group after the mammoth "Naming" session
Hashit candidates looking subdued just before the cold water hit them!

Thank you hares for a run with options - something for everyone. A mammoth shout up ensued, a few more hashers got their names, one had a name change, a few FTGs introduced themselves, a new member was welcomed, the Hashit was duly awarded x3, and we finally got to eat - a delicious chilli, thanks Hares. Such was the busy nature of the shout up, we didn’t get to find out what was to happen with the pictures………..to be continued……….      

HARES: PEAHEN/PEEWEE (ALADDIN'S HELPER unfortunately is too ill to lay the run as originally planned due to being diagnosed with Dengue Fever - rest and get well soon)

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