Monday, October 13, 2014

RUN NO. 2407 MATA MATA 7 OCT 2014

RUN NO. 2407
A leisurely drive to site from the office (only five minutes away – such luxury) and found a hive of activity at the site of the new carpark once the highway goes thru. Tent was at usual site and being a frequent visitor to the site with H4 was able to drive right up close to the tent on the other side of the road away from the hustle and bustle of trucks moving., and no fear of being hit by one of them.


JM Wonderwoman was rustling up some whistles for the horns as JM Hash Hound with the kit was no way in sight as 5.15 approached.  Soon she was seen running up and all back to normal with horns distributed, and hens moving the signs closer to the tent and safely in through the work site away from the moving trucks.  A muddy track having had heavy rain the previous evening and on observing the accommodation being built for the workers look liked a long stay was in store in the construction of the carpark.  Hopefully it will still be ok to be able to start runs from this entry once the highway is finished.  Up the usual track and with hens saying that it was only hilly at the beginning... was wondering if I had gone off paper when the hilly bit went on and on and on. Sorry did not check who found the checks as it only dawned on me that I was the only hare there much later in the evening (in fact after the shout up) to do all the usual chores required: i.e. write run report, pick up the signs, take the sign in board, collect the first check paper! Thanks JM Wonderwoman for taking the sign in board., Smurf for waiting at the traffic lights and guarding our cars while I ran and picked up the last sign at 8.30 p.m. – yes what an early night!

After first check we followed the stream and weaved round the well laid paper pretty trails.  Nippon San being one of the last in caught up and after a short chat was off to catch up with the rest of the group.  I could occasionally hear some chatting in front but never caught up till nearly out by the road.

Shout up was the usual thanking of hares, Peahen with Peewee standing in and Jeannie (looking better having been diagnosed with dengue fever) was down-downed and thanked.  Food of vege curry and roti followed and hashit given to misdemeanours past... what honest hens we have – Duchess of Cambridge for not picking up her keys last week, Mrs Pingu for forgetting the crockery/cutlery basket for weeks and I am sure there was one other whom I could not identify even from the photos!


A good night albeit home quite early! Last to leave Smurf PeeWee and yours truly.

NEXT RUN: Breast Cancer Awareness run at the Menteri waterfall, nearer to the U turn/traffice lights – trails which GI Jane and friends kept open and now still maintained by Sid and friends
ONON AT  Spg 420 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong.


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