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RUN NO. 2405 KAPOK KANAN 23 SEP 2014

RUN NO. 2405
DATE: 23 SEP 2014

Well here we are again, another Tuesday, another hash! But there’s a slight difference coming my way …

Hares TT/Rosalind/Squeak
Oh bliss, as of this Tuesday no more mad rush from RIPAS Hospital to a hash site, no more horrendous traffic queues just trying to leave the staff car park, no more changing at the side of a road, no more worry about getting up on a Wednesday morning!!! The life of leisure awaits and I can’t wait, but before this I have to report for you my last hash as a working lady and of course this follows an all too familiar pattern – woops not hydrated as no time to drink at work, caught up in traffic, late to site (although this week at least I wasn’t late as it was school holidays), changing at the side of the road but as my other half keeps saying to me “not for much longer!!”……. Hurrah

Just before we all set off we were advised that the hares had communicated with the JM with a cryptic message about the out trail not being the out trail and first check yellow paper and second check pink paper and maybe even something else was said but it was lost in translation! 5.15pm saw the few hashers, 29 I believe setting off from the usual car park of Kapok Kanan, led by Ryvitta on front horn and Peahen on back horn.

It’s school hols and our numbers have reduced but the determined and none holidaying hashers have turned up for this last minute stand in hash very kindly organized by Squeak and Twinkle Toes again. Well done ladies and anybody else who hasn’t laid a run yet this year get yourselves sorted and sign up to lay a hash!!!!! See Trailblazer

It’s up and up we all know it is, but which way up and which way down today?

But no the hares have added a twist to the usual Serasa hill run after the tarmac hill we head straight on into the grasses, missing the cement steps and pondok, is it first check but no sound of calling is heard by myself and my co-hare, so it’s on into the MUD!!!! Serasa Hill runs are usually reasonable free from mud as little water can collect on it’s slopes!! But today those Hares have found some very suspiciously smelling pools of it just for us. Floating weeds/grass and more muddy pools as we continue on the flat trail but it has to go up at some stage. Walking along I’m reminded of the men’s hash spotting crocodiles along here somewhere so we kept our eyes scanning the vegetation but spotted no more than a lizard…. Thank goodness.

First check was at the end of the flat part of the run and was found by Aladdin’s Dream

From first check to the out I am reliable informed that it was up and up although one hen said that this route up was more gradual than the usual route??!! Any other opinions? Unfortunately as myself and Cheryl started up the hill I got spasm/cramps in my upper thigh … it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it so we encouraged those that passed us to continue on as we turned back to re-negotiate the MUD!!

From the top of the ridge the hash was tempted by the hares to go looking for the on-trail over the other side but I believe Mrs Pingu promptly found the on-on at second check and lead the hens safely back down off the ridge from the view of the bay, back to the cement steps and bridges that lead down to the car park again. Everyone safely out or were they?

Miss Goody two shoes and her guest (Maggie) were last out using torch and phone light to negotiate the steps and final down stretch of the run- well done ladies and it didn’t put the guest off either!!

Guest Maggie
The shout-up was casually controlled by our hard working JM Hash Hound with a burning chilli induced mouth (thanks to Ready Mix), and followed the usual format …… Thank you hares, guests, announcements – remember if you want homemade pasta or pizza go to the new stall at Times Square, entertainment and hashit. REMEMBER sign up early to be a member of the best mismanagement team in Brunei.

Guests: Maggie – from Tutong originally welcome, welcome, welcome

Entertainment: None

Hashit: someone was left in the jungle as she forgot to sign out!!! (INGRID... I believe) but I’m sorry I can’t remember your name maybe Hash words can help me out? Well taken and superbly given by our JM

Thank you ladies for Serasa hill, lovely delicious On-On and a great night’s hashing

So this weeks run as advertised is an OAP- retirement run, sorry I have to keep repeating it…. I’m a lady of leisure!!!! as I just can’t believe it has actually happened. Well at least I’m retiring from active employment although I don’t feel like an OAP just yet. Back to our favourite hash site Upper Diplo and the run will have all the usual components of a Diplo hash ….. trails, jungle, rivers, ups and downs, follow the instructions if you’re feeling your age and look out for some of the useful aids for the ageing hasher on the way – please if you find one bring it out with you but leave the rest for others to find.

On-On and enjoy

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