Tuesday, October 21, 2014


RUN NO. 2408
DATE: 14OCT2014

Another humid Tuesday afternoon as the hens gathered together on the side of the Mentiri Highway at the Salambigar run site for this year’s Cancer Run. The site was chosen to honour our own Ladies Hash cancer survivor GI Jane, who although now departed from Brunei’s fair shores, marked the trails in this area using coloured ribbons for the use of hashers, ISB students and other jungle walkers.

It wasn’t long before the hens were off, with the newly christened Itchy Feet taking on front horn and Twinkletoes on back horn. Our intrepid flock set off upwards following the route set by the hares Trailblazer and Ripper. Up, down, up, up, round and round, up and up – the usual Salambigar scenario. As I accompanied Twinkletoes at the rear I’m afraid I don’t know who found the checks (my apologies to those concerned) but it was an enjoyable trail and a good workout after a day in the office. We came out just after dark and after a reviving beverage, staggered off to our cars for the short drive around the block to Simpang 420 Jalan Muara where Tina kindly hosted the shout-up.

Looking pretty in pink, the hens sat back and enjoyed a fun evening. We had the awards from the OAP (Old Aged Pensioners) run a couple of weeks earlier – all suitable items for ladies of ‘advanced years’! There were five October birthday girls with Alice’s birthday falling on the actual day. Aladdin’s Dream had worn the bells during the run and she was sadly farewelled after completing 50 runs. Toni(?) was a first time guest from Glasgow brought along by Iron Woman. The JM’s shared the good news that all committee positions have been filled for the coming year. Many thanks to those who have signed up – without you the hash would not be able to exist. Alison requested jam jars and donations for the tombola event at her upcoming charity Craft Fair ($5 entry fee on the 16th November). $5 will also buy you a local cookbook created by SM Berakas students. If you like silver, there is a sale by John Ng(?) on 2nd November in the apartments next to Mabohai Supasave. For the musically inclined, Serenai Singers are performing at Freshco in November – see Cheryl for details.

The shout-up finished with some hash shit being doled out for various sins mainly to do with forgetting things. We were then invited to partake of a delicious meal by our lovely hares. I recall munching on pau and salad followed by ice-cream – nom, nom, nom! All in all a great night with great friends and all for a great cause.
Next week’s run is the last run being laid by Buttercup although she will still be here until the end of November and of course will be held at Spg 462-28 Jalan Muara. Walkers please follow the shorter course as the nights are getting dark very quickly at the moment and we want to make sure everyone gets out safely and in good time. ON ON!!!


Anonymous said...

How does one join ur grp? Is it open?

henswords said...

It is an all ladies group. Need to check with someone who hashes.