Wednesday, September 03, 2014

RUN NO. 2402 SPG462 2SEP14

RUN NO. 2402
DATE: 2 SEP 2014

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear JM, Happy Birthday to you! “ Yes last week was all about celebrating the September birthdays and as a special gift to us all, our JM Hash Hound for her birthday gave us a run.

We had run at this site recently, but still the jungle was gorgeous, there were plenty of hills and some interesting river crossings . As you would was a good length run, with front runners taking an hour and others taking a bit longer. It was a lollipop i.e. the in is the out “Lolly Pop Lolly Pop …ooh lolly lolly pop! ” and a sneaky back check meant that some of us late comers were soon with the front runners for the second check. Mmm could the 2nd check be another back check..50-50 chance of being I checked ahead, to be that 50% of wrong.

By now there were a handful of front runners on the trail, coming out at one of the new buildings . Little did the hare know that the third check was in exactly the same spot as last time; because on the last run at this site, the front horn had taken them out on old paper and so only a handful of us had done the full run. Chuckling to myself, I found 3rd check pretty quickly and we were soon to be on the out trail, back on the road and up the hill to the On On site. At this point I had to dash (sorry it was Daniella’s 10th birthday) so now the story I have to tell is one that has been told to me.

It seems like one of our new hashers missed the turning back into the jungle from the new building..trampled on paper seemed to have disappeared and off they went (who knows where off paper) “We’re on the road to nowhere”. Hares and hashers went in to find her and she was out safely in the end.

The shout up was eventful, with some new guests, lovely food was catered from Maha Osai Restaurant in Berakas (673 233876). Hash-it was awarded for hashers not looking after their guests properly and a fun evening was had by all.

Three tips from tonights run:
Always stay on paper..if you realise you are not on anymore, back track until you find the paper.
  1. When laying a hash – lay paper both on the floor and in the trees
  2. When signing in a guest – make sure that they stay with you.


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