Monday, January 07, 2013

RUN NO. 2315 DIPLO 1JAN2013

RUN NO. 2315
DATE: 1 JAN 2013
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Zur

The sky was looking like rain, not to far away, with thunder and rumbling going on, but it stayed away long enough for us to have a dry hash tonight . I was front horn tonight......lucky me!
At 5.15 we headed off to the right and up the ridge onto a well used trail, good for running. Then we went right down the hill into the valley, once again following a good running trail, we crossed a small stream tand we were at the first check. It took a while to find it as I thought it would be on back or up the hill, so I sent the checkers out looking, but it was on ahead...which Trailblazer found. A sneaky check!
We continued around fallen trees up a few more hills then we were at second check...I handed the front over to Hashhound while i went up the hill checking the wrong direction only to hear the call on back by Ryvita. It was then back onto another nice trail down to the hill and along by the river were i heard checking from here! I was sure it would be on back and I soon heard Mrs Pingu calling on paper which was on back, I got that one right!.
We all headed up the last hill and out to the sandy area and back to the tent. On the signing board was a Scottish quiz sheet to test your knowlege of Scotland. Smurf had brought back some blue & white sweets from Scotland that we enjoyed before the shout up.
We celebrated the birthday girls for January,  Ready Mix had made a cake.  Eastern Promise was celebrating her 50th Birthday and 652 runs, Well Done!
As I am now departing Brunei very soon, I take this opportunity to say a Big Thank you to the Ladies Hash in Brunei.
It has been a wonderful way of meeting people from all walks of life, I have made lots of great friends over the years. Thank you for your kindness, love, support and friendship over the 11 years of hashing. I will take away lots of postive memories. I have enjoyed setting many runs, been part of the hash committee several time plus horable hashit holder of the year 4 times!
My last, I am setting tonight with my co hares, is Spg 370...known as Nappy Valley! It was the first jungle I advertured into with the Monday Morning Walking Group, hence many hash runs have been set here over the years. Sadly the jungle has slowly been cut down!
Tonights run is a trip down memory lane, what's left of it. May you all continue to enjoy hashing in Brunei.
HARES: Madmarg/Alice in Wonderland + one other

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