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RUN NO. 2316 SPG 370 JLN MUARA 8 JAN 2013

RUN NO. 2316
DATE: 8 JAN 2013

Warned at the outset we could avoid some nasty bees by sticking close to the road, it was as though we had never left these shores for a holiday. Funny how that works isn’t it?

This week we were spoiled for choice between two different routes, a classic short route (30 minutes return) or following a longer track on an undulating and rather lush hash trail. The start of the longer trail had us on tiptoes across a wide drainage ditch alongside a metal fence and up a steep slick hill to start and then there were more hills to climb and a few down bits and a few further hilly bits for good measure. Mud was the order of the day for this hash. Loads of it and plenty of water crossings and tree roots too. Bring it on!

I must admit I did not hear the calls for the checks as I was nowhere near the front of the pack, but I did hear a few horns blaring at some stage (thankfully not in my ear as can happen at times). Anyhow, thanks for finding those checks whoever you are, grovel, grovel, much obliged. I must have been somewhere in the middle of the pack the entire time since I only saw the same few lovely faces (and backsides while struggling uphill) the entire time once I crossed that massive drainage ditch.

Just returned from holiday and trying to get my fitness back after ingesting all that yummy seasonal food there was no particular hurry or effort on my part to breathe any harder than I was doing (let’s face it, I couldn’t have moved any faster even if I wanted to). It’s amazing how fast one can lose one’s fitness. After all, I was only gone four weeks. It’s not like I never moved at all while on holiday, though it sort of felt like it on that last hill I tell you. I promise I did get up for seconds and sometimes even thirds at all those buffet meals at that resort. That’s considered a valid form of exercise isn’t it? To salve my conscience, not everyone passed me on that hash trail, I swear. There were still at least some gals in the jungle after I had changed out of my muddy shoes; they came in after sunset, still smiling too. The gems.

Relative newcomer Ika completed the hash successfully and may now join, at least she said she plans to do so that is great news. Everyone seemed to fully enjoy the trail. It was lurvely. Terrifically varied vegetation throughout and no biting insects, at least they did not find me this week. Yay!

Great trail all in all and rather a good turn-out too given how well traveled this lot of intrepid women is and the fact we were only one week into the New Year. Nice work ladies! I think everyone was missing each other; even many of those stalwarts who were hashing on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day were there. A great big thank you goes to all you selfless gals who turned up to complete the hash runs on those holidays to keep Brunei’s record longest-running ladies hash tradition safe, well and intact. Top marks for the lot of you.

This week we were commemorating (not quite celebrating as we shall miss her dearly) Mad Margz’s last setting of the hash with co-hares Bunny Girl and Alice in Wonderland. Nicely done too, thank you very much. We were all asked to sign the photo book Mad Margz has put together for herself. Fabulous effort that. What talented gals we have here on the hash indeed.

At the shout up we were introduced to one new hasher, Leanna, Heather’s daughter, who reported that she will return for more (don’t gluttons for punishment run in families?). We were also treated to a live skit from Mad Margz, Bunny Girl and Alice in Wonderland with their thoroughly polished rendition of Abba’s “Thank you for the hash” (and thank you for singing in key for at least some of the tune ladies ;-)) complete with bright pink tutus and a few synchronized twirls even. Move over Vegas showgirls, there’s a new act in town. They had the crowd begging for more. Then Amanda’s phone went off and all h-e-double toothpicks broke loose with laughter, general chaos and what not. The hash doo doo was shared by the resoundingly heard world class belcher Psycho (which reminds me, you must share with us the name of that finishing school you attended darling), who was acting as a sort of human jumping bean to avoid the splash, and the fabulous trio who moments before had us mesmerized with their dulcet tones. (All for one and one for all huh gals? Let not a mere one of us take the icy water when we can all get soaked, for united we stand… our tutus can protect us!).

What came next, oh yeah, a few New Year’s one liners went out to the punters from yours truly, some announcements were made e.g. if anyone wants to join Carol in taking a Beginner’s Malay class see Mrs. Pingu, see Possum if you need tickets for the upcoming St. Andrew’s Club dinner and see Sticky Rice if you know of anyone who wants or needs some health/fitness type coaching after having given birth of late (at least this is how I heard these announcements, advance apologies if any of this is not quite right). We were also reminded to pay our subs as soon as possible to avoid any late penalty at the end of the month and equally importantly to complete the relevant forms for the “50 Years of Hashing in Brunei” celebrations we want to attend (with BH3 organising) as the deadline for payment is 16 January 2013.

By then it was time for some lovely food. Thank you gals for setting a terrific trail for us and spoiling us with such delectable offerings (spicy chicken with rice for the carnies and a tasty oriental vegetable with rice option for the veggies, samosas, salad with scrumptious dressing and even a chocolate whipped cream cake for dessert). Yum!

As this was Mad Margz’s penultimate hash we shall all have one more chance to say our fond farewell to her next week at Markucing. So onward and upward it is into this New Year ladies as we look forward to what promises to be another terrific hash in Subok this coming week, the last one to be set by long time hasher Diana a.k.a. Domestic Goddess. On on!

Hash Wit

P.S. How are you all doing with those New Year’s resolutions you have made and broken and then perhaps made again? Hang in there. You are not alone. I came across this list and thought I’d share it with you. It’s not mine, but it could be.
Dieting - New Year’s Resolutions
2009: I will get my weight down below 160 pounds.
2010: I will follow my new diet religiously until I get below 180 pounds.
2011: I will develop a realistic attitude about my weight.
2012: I will work out three times a week.
2013: I will try to drive past a gym at least once a week. [So far so good!]


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