Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RUN NO. 2317 SPG 527 SUBOK - 15 JAN 2013

RUN NO. 2317

                          There was movement at the henhouse
                        As the word had got around
                        That Hashwit and Domestic Goddess had laid a run
                        And had entered the wild jungle compound
                        So all the hens had gathered to the fray

                        All the tried and noted hashers
                        From the simpangs near and far
                        Had mustered at the hashsite overnight
                        For the hashers love hard hashing
                        Where the wild jungle animals are
                       And the horns snuff the battle with delight

                     o mad margz ran to lead them
                    She was racing on the wing
                   Where the best and boldest hashers take their place
                    And she raced her hash shoes past them
                   And she made the ranges ring
                   With the bells on as she met them face to face
                   Then they saw they well loved mountain full in view
                   And they charged beneath the palm fronds with a sharp and sudden dash
                   And off they flew into the jungle they flew
                   Then fast the hashers followed where the gorges deep and black
                   Resounded to the thunder of their tread
                   And the hashers woke the echoes and they fiercely answered back
                   From the cliffs and crags that beetled overhead
                   And upward ever upward the ladies held their way
                   Where bamboo and jungle grew wide
                  And Ikea muttered fiercely we may bid the mod goodday
                  No man can hold them down the other side
At the shout up we welcomed first time guests Vanji and Doris and new member Ika.     Yvette celebrated 50 runs and we sadly farewelled Madmargz who will be sadly missed. Hopefully we will see her again.  

Thank you Domestic Goddess and hashwit for the delicious chilli.

Words in honour of Australia day. My apologies to Banjo Paterson
     Never Wrong

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