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RUN NO. 2278 DIPLO 17 APR 12

RUN NO. 2278
DATE: 17 APR 2012
HARES: Sarong/Mani Mouse/Gloria

The wild thunderstorm of the previous evening was the main topic of conversation as an eager group of lady hashers gathered last Tuesday evening. Some commented that they hadn't experienced banging like that in years.

There was a faint odour of bad eggs in the air, which I think was the detritus from the kids hash a couple of days earlier at which many, many eggs were smashed... or maybe it was just the left over whiff of the kids! The eagle eyed amongst us may have seen egg shells everywhere and I was secretly a bit more scared than usual, thinking what a lovely meal a slimy raw egg might be for one of our slithery friends.

And so off we went like racing snakes (one or two hens anyway), squelching through the boggy sand before entering the leafy green jungle and scrambling down, down, down into another Tuesday night adventure - what would Diplo deliver to us this evening?

First check was found quickly and we all piled onwards, still full of energy which soon dissipated for some, as a huge hill loomed ahead and we started trekking upwards, a few of us stopping halfway up, suddenly desirous of taking in the view ... nothing to do with running out of breath. We conquered it little by little and finally everyone felt victorious on top .... exactly what makes life fun.

Second check came soon afterwards and then a third but they were both pretty straightforward and we continued up and down the trippy trails once more, traversing some streams en route. One log bridge in particular was a bit wobbly and I nearly tipped into the murky water of the stream and it wouldn't have been for the first time. It was a lovely run, with I think some new paths cut. The final hill was a challenge and thus there was much relief when we emerged through the ferny bracken to enjoy the vestiges of light shining warmly upon our ruddy complexions - mine at least!

There was a cordial shout up and the first timers behaved impeccably, sticking to all the rules, having been well briefed, so no risk of a hashit there. Thus the JM and GM were forced to fabricate a story about someone talking but to no avail! Suddenly a mobile phone ring blared out from the jungle quiet. The JM and GM thought things were looking up for a hashit extravaganza an almost started to prepare the icy water but no, it was a mercy call from Trailblazer who had become lost in the darkest depths of Diplo, so Hash Hound  and Sarong (and maybe others, I'm not sure as I was too busy talking!) sallied forth and Trailblazer emerged not too much later still with plenty of time to enjoy the blue and green hues of the rainforest at dusk, or at least in the esky.

There was also a celebration of April birthdays, Madam Sin's being particularly memorable thanks to DST's promotional generosity and we then settled down to a delicious selection of curries which I had intended to skip but after a couple of blues, they seemed all the more tempting and I ended up making the right decision - the food was delectable!

Thanks so much to the hares for an exhilarating run and gorgeous food.  on on Anna M.

NEXT RUN: SPG 564 Jln Subok
HARES: Mrs Pinggu/Bunny Girl (Pee Wee)

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