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RUN NO. 2279 SPG564 JLN SUBOK - 24APR2012

View IMAG0259.jpg in slide showView IMAG0267.jpg in slide showJMs dressed appopriately

DATE: 24 APR 2012
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Bunny Girl
View IMAG0255.jpg in slide showHut we saw towards the end of the run.
View IMAG0257.jpg in slide showOuthouse or long drop.View IMAG0253.jpg in slide showNur on the run

View 577404_10150672534416050_655016049_9780625_1645062771_n.jpg in slide showThe Spice Girls visitedView IMAG0273.jpg in slide showLook at those heels!

Sticky Rice with great bush background.
View IMAG0277.jpg in slide show Yummy shepherds pies View IMAG0276.jpg in slide show 
View IMAG0263.jpg in slide show Serious discussion about the quiz!

It was a humid afternoon last Tuesday as we congregated at Mrs. Pingu’s Mansion for our weekly run/walk/talk.  The mansion was already done up ready for a great British On On and the dragons on flags were flying high from the camelbaks of many of the runners.

Ryvita lead the pack, with front horn as the girls took off up a quick trek across cleared grounds and then up into the forest towards the ridge and lots of ups and downs.   It threatened rain, but just spat a little.  The ground was wet on the way in down the first muddy slope to a creek, we met up with Glamour and Duchess, who were contemplating the muddy slide!

Lots of new ground cut through in and around the farms and a quick road walk back for a festive on on…
The girls led the shout up with a rousing chorus of all things great and English…the spice girls! And prizes of Wine gums for dragons found were dolled out.  

The English quiz with more prizes made lots of sexual innuendos and good laughs.

Some notices of Hetero Red Dress run coming up, Seranai Singers  at Jerudong and Mad Margs' Exhibition at her home.

No-one got the hash this space…

Next week’s run: ANZAC DAY put on by the Aussie’s and Kiwis in memory of all those brave soldiers who died fighting for the Allies in World War One. 
SITE: Tanjong Bunut Kanan
HARES: Legally Blonde & friends

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