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RUN NO. 2231 - KOTA BATU 24 MAY 2011

RUN NO. 2231
DATE: 24 MAY 2011

Another Tuesday another decision, which route is best - Menteri link then Kota Batu or town then Kota Batu ?? Questions/decisions not a good finish to a tiring day all I want to do is get there!! Oh for a helicopter, a motor bike (no far too dangerous), a police escort... now we're talking BUT no not for this humble ladies hasher, instead it's the slow slog through traffic lights, road works, incredibly slow or manic drivers and that's waiting for me if only I can get out of the RIPAS staff car park!! People say RIPAS is an acronym for Rest In Peace After Surgery or Retired Indian Pakistani and Sri Lankans well I'm here to tell you for definite it's not it stands for Right Idiotic Parking Allocation System.

So, Tuesday 24th May finds me yet again breaking the speed limit to make the hash site before 5.15pm and I made it!! My co-hares were no where to be seen! Oh dear does this mean I'll have to do the run so I can write the words but then I remembered a good story never needs the whole truth to be a good tale so make it up my inner self was saying and then my truthful nature won through and tried to turn me away from such falsehood. Luckily one of my co-hares turned up at this point to help my struggle with my conscience, “We'll just give them a fairy story nobody will ever notice and I'm good at fairy stories cos I'm a primary school teacher!!” so it was decided a fairy story it was to be.

So the horn (this week being controlled by Satu Lagi) called us to start our fairy story at 5.15 precisely and oh how we wished we had the wings of a fairy as we went up and up and up will it ever stop!! Words of wisdom were heard at the top of the tarmac “Why didn't we park up here!?” hindsight is such a powerful thing. We passed Veronica taking in the view and waiting for the determined Glamour to return from the top of the hill, strike that it must have been a mountain we'd climbed at least!! We were passed by are other co-hare “So who's doing the words?” “Don't worry” came the reply, in gasps as we puffed up the hill, “the Fairies are doing them!!”

Well we climbed and we scrambled very unfairy like up the Kota Batu ridge in hope of fantastic views and some air, we got both if only our lungs would work and our hearts slow down! At last it was flattish and we could catch our breath, it was at this point when you start feeling good from your achievement and maybe there's a kick of adrenalin into the system we said lets go on it's not bad here!!! I was also reminded at this point what a fellow hasher had said before the start of the run. Someone was asking what the run could be like and it was said by a certain hasher “Probable up, along and then down!” I suggested it could be up, down, along and then up and down again!!! “No way Dizzy wont do that”, so confidence boosted we went on. Well Dizzy did do it didn't she, cos not long after the very gentle top we started going down and down and down some more, but not back down to Kota Batu but somewhere else. We slipped and slipped some more until we could hear chickens and see houses..... Jalan Subok!! we paused to think A to B that would be good!! Unfortunately A to B was not on the Hares's agenda, but razor grass was as we dropped down to muddy streams and rocky outcrops along the valley. It was pretty again and flattish so we enjoyed the breather, disturbed quite a bit of wild life and had to do a detour around an angry bee wish you front runners hadn't disturbed him so much, luckily he was on his own so a slight detour solved our problem. Breather done and slightly recovered, we knew what must be coming..... the ascent!!

Up and up and up some more until we spied Alice in Wonderland sitting contemplating the scenery, she said she was enjoying the air, I was having difficulty getting the air in so we sat on the very kindly provided seat. Quickly to be off again at the mention of photograph taking. Oh no, I've never known anyone get my good side yet on a hash photo so we'll give that a miss thanks Alice, see you at the bottom. The fairies took flight and down we went at first sedately as would be expected but at one point, we started descending far too quickly as that kindly placed rope came away from it's post and sent your 2 startled fairy story tellers hurtling downwards. As luck would have it and fairies tend to have quite a supply of luck we were able to solidly plant our dainty feet on firm ground and stop our descent phew, this hashing larks not for the faint hearted!!!! On down again at a slower more controlled rate avoiding holding ropes along the way finally saw us spy the road..... Kota Batu thank goodness and right at the road saw your fairies re-appear at the site and a welcome tipple of nectar to restore the energy supplies. Oh sorry missed back horn out think it was Squeak and as for checks well they were all laid through very well thank you to whoever found them, we believe there was 5!! A very good workout, run, wonderful food and on-on thank you Dizzy and Sally ( no longer a virgin). The shout up was quite short, no guest, no awards, a few announcements and a thank you from Cheryl for the hash's flowers and card. Misdemeanors were more common as Dizzy and Legally Blond took the hashit together for sign forgetting – one didn't sign out and one left a hash sign at last weeks run!! well taken ladies but Never Wrong you need to improve your aim!!

So to this weeks run, basically wait and see but the hills are not as high as this weeks I can assure you!!!, be careful on the road crossing and enjoy...... ON ON Alison, Cheryl and Sue

Park at Water Tower Spg and cross carefully over to the other side for run.
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl

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