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RUN NO. 2230 - MENTERI LINK - 17 MAY 2011

RUN NO. 2230
DATE: 17 MAY 2011

A bijoux but hardy bunch of Hashers gathered for last weeks Rainbow Hash starting at Mentiri Link. A beautiful evening greeted us and we were all raring to go. This week we were joined by a novice Hasher and her thoughts and feelings will accompany this weeks WORDS!

Novice Hasher

After rocking up on the side of the road with my heart beating and sweaty palms, I wondered what on earth I'd let myself in for! I'd heard a lot about this Hashing lark and was keen to see what it was all about. However as 5.15 approached I was beginning to wonder whether I'd made the right decision. Certainly there was an interesting selection of fashions, perhaps white hot pants and peep toe sandals were not the best thing to wear, surely I wasn't about to get dirty or sweaty?

The Horn went right on time and the Hash started with a lung busting steep climb into the jungle!

Novice Hasher

What the dickens is this ? Is there a stair lift available?

The trail was beautifully laid, with the paper being easily identified. Within a short space of time the front runners had called the first check.

Novice Hasher

Far Far away in the distance I thought I heard someone shout decking! Oooo lovely, at last, maybe they serve light refreshments on this decking!

The check was easily found and the front pack were off again. We were subjected to some beautiful jungle with plenty of ups and downs.

Novice Hasher

More blinking ups, this is a beyond a joke, the least they could do is provide oxygen cylinders!

As we began the second half of the Hash trail, we came upon a beautiful waterfall and the temptation to get in for a dip was huge!

Novice Hasher

Well they've made me trek through jungle practically on my hands and knees, in the blistering heat, without so much as a Mr Softee van on route and now I've got to balance on a knife edge with my life in my hands. I would admire the ******* waterfall if I wasn't busy clinging to this hill side with blister ridden toes and finger nails.

The sound of the front pack was now obsolete and by all accounts the checks were found with out incidents! Even the most senior Hashers had now all sprinted past and Novice Hasher and I were left with the sound of the jungle, the squelch of our shoes and the gentle rasp of the iron lung. As the light began to fail, the end was in sight. A walk had become a steady crawl, one final stream to cross.

Novice Hasher

You are kidding me!

Just at that moment Dizzy appeared like a fairy godmother brandishing a magic potion, a slightly slimy orange concoction to revive even the most weary of jungle warriors!

Suitably restored we leapt like spring lambs over the last stream and exited the jungle. The road, the boards, civilization - we'd made it!

We later discovered that tulips had been scattered intermittently around the route and all had been successfully collected. The keen eyed were rewarded with a rainbow lolly at the On On.

So Novice Hasher what did you think of your first ever Hash ?


Many thanks to Mrs Doolan's special refreshments and pithy 'black testicle' joke that helped eradicate the memory of blood, sweat and tears!

NEXT RUN: KOTA BATU Yacht Club end


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