Monday, May 16, 2011

RUN NO. 2229 - MORLEY MOVERS - 10 MAY 11

RUN NO. 2229
DATE: 10 MAY 2011
HARES: Ryvita/Call Girl

It was a beautiful rain free evening at Morley Movers and about 40 hens had gathered for the run. There was the obligatory first hill which means when we get to the top we have to go down. Some turned back but many continued on. The checks were found and then the pond was reached. Evidence of further removal of jungle for housing projects was visible. Another hill, very steep and very wet and very, very thorny had to be climbed before descending the equally steep but less thorny trail with giant trees still standing, back across the sand to the tent.

Baskets made by indigenous people were on sale. Also on sale was a basket of hand made items, made by Psycho and Rosie, to raise money for Animal Welfare, in particular for the pups found at Diplo who were lucky to find a home with Taco and Ellen (H4).

A man was at the site, dripping with sweat. It was his lucky day too because while doing a reccy for an upcoming H4 run he got lost and it was only finding paper for the ladies run that enabled him to get out to civilisation again. He was very thankful to H3.

The shout up was short and sweet. Hares were thanked, the horns were thanked, announcements were made, no jokes were told and the hash-it was not awarded. Delicious pizzas were served. The imbibers lingered on. It was all in all a very pleasant run and evening.

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