Sunday, April 24, 2011

RUN NO. 2226 - DIPLO - 19APR2011

RUN NO. 2226
DATE: 19 APR 2011
HARES: Sarong/Ryvita/Satu Lagi

Well I made it through another hash without going via RIPAS, hooray. I do seriously think I sweated out about 30 per cent of my body fluid on that first hill, thank you Mad Margz for rescuing me with your company and encouragement. I think it was because I left my trusty stick in the car and had to lug myself around the jungle purely with leg power and not arm assistance.

The arms aren’t too bad, having picked up my two lumps of lads now for 15 months, about 100 times a day each. The legs are a different matter, generally sitting on my big fat gluteus maximus feeding, changing, storying etc, except for Tuesday nights, of course which brings me back to the hash.

Allegedly Tango two, Vanessa one was the score for check finding. A clear, round, circle of paper was left where first check had been, as an indicator for the sensible, the lame and the "just can’t be bothered let’s drink", to turn back before they were cajoled into the bosom of the jungle with her moist tendrils, eclectic foliage and beckoning symphony of inhabitants, pheasant, frog and Tango going, “ me shoes are too small, me feet hoot!”

Seventy five minutes of up, down, through, puff, squelch, ow and I was out. Thoroughly enjoyed a very well laid trail and tip top grub and plenty of it.

See you next week. On on.

NEXT RUN: DST (Commonwealth Run celebrating the royal wedding)

HARES: Squeek/PeeWee/Jane S

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