Monday, April 11, 2011

RUN NO. 2225 - LUCKY GARDENS - 12 APR 2011

RUN NO. 2225 DATE: 12 APR 2011 SITE: LUCKY GARDENS HARES: Aunty Lynn/Marcela/Mad Marg/Sarah P FRONT HORN: Mrs Pingu BACK HORN: Trailblazer Heading off to tonight's run at Lucky Gardens the weather was looking very suspect. Dark clouds were lingering and it looked like we were going to have a wet hash. As we all gathered around, Hot Lips gave us all a J cloth each which really made me think of Lee as she always had one in her hand at every run. Mrs Pingu was front horn and set off in a true speedy fashion and the rest of us followed! We headed into the jungle and had a lovely run up to first check which was in familiar territory. While searching for the On paper the weather started to move in and at the same time we had found the trail - unfortunately not the On paper as we had managed to cut the paper trail! We all split up trying to find the On paper but by then the sky had truly opened up and the rain was POURINT! Our "chux" as the Kiwis call the J cloths, came to good use but in the end we were all too wet to bother. Myself and pretty much everybody else turned back and came out the same way we came in. Only Trailblazer, Readymix, Mrs Pingu and Hot Lips finished the run - I take my hat off - well done ladies!!! We went back to Marcela's house for the shout up. Everyone enjoyed a yummy blue cocktail, blue being Lee's favourite colour and Aunty Lynn read a lovely poem from the Ride of Silence: by Mike Murgas Tonight we number many but ride as one In honor of those not with us, friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons With helmets on tight and heads down low, we ride in silence, cautious and slow. The wheels start spinning in the lead pack But tonight we ride adn no one attacks. The dark sunglasses cover our tears Remembering those we healed so dear. Tonight's ride is to make others aware The road is there for us to share. To those not with us or by our side May God be your partner on your final ride. We had no new guests on this run but a returning guest in Kate Chamberlain aka Boomerang. Sarah Abraham was given the hashit for not signing in OR out and so did Satu Lagi for leaving her key in the key basket??? That's a long story - ask Satu Lagi if you want to know the true, full version. Dinner was Fish and Chips which everyone enjoyed and the evening carried on, for some until past midnight I believe. NEXT RUN: Diplo HARES: Sarong/Satu Lagi/Ryvita

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