Friday, February 11, 2011

RUN NO. 2216 DIPLO - 8 FEB 2011

Tossing the Yee Shang
Hares Readymix/Trailblazer & Sarong
Celebrants Virginie & Never Wrong
Alison, Cheryl & Sue in CNY red
Clover crossing safely...

New member Laura

Jane with hashit

RUN NO: 2216
DATE: 8 FEB 2011 - CNY RUN

Driving to Diplo site in the late afternoon, I was happy to see no dark clouds for a change.

At 5.15pm sharp the horn tooted and on we went following printed-paper. As usual for Diplo, we climbed down one of the steep hills into the jungle.

Soon someone already called ‘ checking from here’. As we just arrived at a crossing, JI Jane decided to go checking out the other trail. Unfortunately for her the ‘on ‘ paper was ahead, but she caught up with the rest of us very fast.

We passed one of the small waterfalls and then climbed up a steep hill, it was still very slippery here and there after all the rain. After that it was down and down and up and up and all the way you could either hear: head, trip, slippery or thorns (oh, did I forget anything).

Don’t ask about the other checks, no clue who actually found them and the whereabouts. The whole run led through fantastic landscape, we enjoyed the meandering streams and the lush vegetation.

Thank you Trailblazer & Sarong, it was a really great run.

During the shout up, it was Ready Mix and Alice in Wonderland who explained the tradition of the Yee Sang Salad. We all were able to toss this special salad, which symbolizes abundance, prosperity and good health and every one of us had a taste of it.

After a down- down for the hares, 3 new guests were introduced and we welcomed one new member (Laura). Sarah, Linda’s daughter sadly is leaving us to go back to University in Oz. Good Luck!!! Never Wrong celebrated her 300th run and Virginie her 50th. The hash shit was awarded to Jane for failing to sign in.

The Oriental Ladies put up a great Chinese New Year feast with duck, chicken, tofu and a variety of Dim Sum. The Mandarin Orange was not missing either. It was really yummy food, thanks so much.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Peahen/Bini Hutan

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