Monday, March 08, 2010

RUN NO. 2167 - 2 MAR 2010 (SPG 378 subok)

A rush for the G&T
JM Diva with a partner for the "hashit" chook
Madmarg scrambling over one of the fallen trees

Hares: Squeak, Rambling Rose & Jane

RUN NO. 2167
DATE: 2 MAR 2010
HARES: Rambling Rose, Jane & Squeak
FRONT HORN: Satu Lagi BACK HORN: Trailblazer

A nice evening awaited and it was a decent turn out from our hashers. The hill up to the site was a good work out/warm up before we even started! Subok is well reknown for its beauty and of course its hills. No surprizes therefore expected there and the hares were very accurate with their timing in the words. There are still some good sites left thank goodness! Lots of beautiful jungle on this run and the trails were well laid. Lots of calling and communication too! No hitches or glitches and it was enjoyed by all. A good work out up ‘them there’ hills but it was worth it. The first check was found by Anna and the second by hot lips & Madmargz.
Everyone got safely back to base and settled with refreshments and after the shout up we were all treated to lovely curry puffs. Thankyou girls.

This week we are so lucky to be celebrating Glamours 1000th run with her. She is definitely ‘a true hasher’. She started hashing in Kuala Belait in 1966 and was about 34 yrs old. She actually started on run #2 on the ladies hash and was an ardent front runner. She stopped hashing after 15 years due to a knee problem but was asked to re join a few years later after she moved to Bandar. The ladies hash was usually held on a Monday and as her shop was then always closed on a Tues she asked if the run could be changed to a Tuesday. So it was and has always been so ever since. Glamour has seen so many changes – and hashes, and is an inspiration to us all.

NEXT RUN: Sg Hanching Baru - GLAMOUR'S 1000TH celebration run
HARES: Madmarg/Hot Lips & Glamour
ON ON AT GLAMOURS - Spg 347 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong

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