Thursday, March 11, 2010

RUN NO. 2168 - SG HANCHING - 9 MAR 10

RUN NO. 2168
DATE: 16 MAR 2010
HARES: Madmarg/Hotlips/Glamour/Karin/Sarah

It was like the Wildwest minus the tumbleweeds as we gathered in the swirling dust that hot afternoon. Unusually the hens were all ready and eager to go but we had to wait for the sound of the horn. Then we were off!

Straight in and up and there were quite a few ‘ups’ that afternoon!

We were all hashing very merrily when we came to the first check. It was all very confusing – some Hashers were still checking while others were pointing to what appeared to be the on paper – but we were all convinced that it was the out trail and we had missed something out! Meanwhile other Hashers took it upon themselves apparently not having seen the check or understanding the problem to go back and do their own thing. I called one of the Hares for clarification and Houston there was a problem. We went back and got on paper with the others – except for Auntie Lynn as no-one was sure where she went in the confusion!

The trails were pretty if a little dry – when are we going to have rain …… when are Trailblazer and Readymix laying their next run……!

Then we had check number 2 – which went as well as the first! It was like the Bermuda Triangle – Hashers went checking never to return! Then someone shouted on paper and we all duly followed only to find out it was the actual check and the paper we were already on!! Ha – we Hashers like a laugh! So we decided with so many Hashers missing to stick together and go out a trail that Cheryl was confident would lead us to the on paper we found at first check and lead us out – which it did! Then more good news as all the missing Hashers were at the site! Phew!

We all went very excitedly to the shout up at Glamour’s House – it was a big occasion as Glamour our Founding Member was celebrating her 1000th run – that’s 20 years of Hashing in Brunei – how fantastic!

We duly thanked the Hares for the run - especially Karin and Sarah our virgin hares who had stepped in at the last minute – well done ladies! We welcomed a First Time Guest who was a friend of Miss Pink. Then we got on with celebrating Glamour’s
1000th Run. As Hash royalty Glamour got to wear my ceremonial cape and a crown and sat on a throne to receive her gifts. She was given a golden chook and a Bling- Bling walking stick but best of all gold sparkly Hash shoes – I am so envious!!
Then it was time for Hash Shit which Auntie Lynn wanted to give to us all for leaving her at first check – but it went to Velma for signing in and out at the same time. It was very well taken because as you all know Auntie Lynn is quite good at throwing!!

Glamour had prepared a delicious feast for us and we had cake to follow – all this and a celebration drink! Fantastic! Thank you Hares and congratulations to you Glamour!

SPG 791 JLN MUARA, TANAH JAMBU (Morley Movers)
celebrating ST PATRICKS DAY ---- Green, green, green and clover.....

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