Sunday, March 28, 2010

RUN NO. 2170 - BUKIT MENTERI - 23 MAR 10

The hares Peahen & Bini Hutan
Hashit taken by Madmarg in style, given by bini Hutan

Run No. 2170
Site: Bukit Menteri, Jln Kota Batu
Hares: Bini Hutan & Peahen
Front Horn: Tango
Back Horn: Mad Marg
Hens: 28 Chicks: 0

Do you know how you think – hey its school holidays and I’m so going to be on time – NOT – It was a frantic tear down Kota Batu but I finally made it to the site with 30seconds to spare!! Yay!! Oh no – my fellow JM still coming behind me and carrying the horns (note to self – keep spare horn in my car). Finally we were under way at 5.15 and 46 seconds (I’M SURE) with Tango as front horn leading the way. Not a large pack of us with the holidays but a good number still.

And in true Kota Batu fashion it was on up!! Then on up!! I was trailing at the back behind Mrs. Merlot and Bella and on my first up I decided the ground looked lovely and I needed to kiss it!! So I did!! In true hash fashion I did a 180-degree front flip to land perfectly executed on my front. Ow. War wounds to show the hubby. Never mind, up and off again we go after a few chuckles. And up and up. Then down and down. And going down means one thing – up and up. My about the 4th up I was dying. Thankfully there were ropes on the ups to help aid us. But once you got to the top – wow - the views from the tops were amazing. Before our final descent home we got to see where a lot of our water comes from and it was truly lovely. I believe there were no checks and we were all pretty much it out within an hour or so.

Thank you ladies for a lovely hash although my bottom and legs the next day said differently!!

Then back down Kota Batu to the On On and WOW – what a great ON ON site. We had a smaller number again at the On On. Sigi provided us with a wonderful shout up area overlooking the river. A nice shout up was had and Mad Marg got the hashit for her phone going off during the shout up – in saying that, I think the JM’s had a very lucky escape for their tardy arrival to the run. Mad Marg was taken downstairs and put in the pool for her wash down!!

After the shout up Hare 2010 t-shirts were available and all had a lovely vegetarian curry and roti.

Thank you to the hares for the great run, wonderful food and hospitality.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Alison/Sue & Cheryl

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