Thursday, January 14, 2010

RUN NO. 2160 - MATA-MATA - 12 JAN

The hares: Satu Lagi/Rozi & Wina
Returning Hasher "Gina" - her nibs & Madam Sin
One of the waterfalls we passed
Speedo going thru and up.

RUN NO. 2160
DATE: 13 JAN 2010
HARES: Satu Lagi/Wina/Rozi

Ah Mata Mata!! after 4 weeks away from Hash, was a bit worried about how I would go at doing this run!! too full of good cheer and fruit mince pies and no golf!!
Hens started gathering at 4-45pm under the tent and many Happy New Year greetings and hugs were exchanged.

Dead on 5-15pm the front horn Pee Wee ran off at full speed - I hung around the back of the group and set off at a leisurely trot chatting with Hot Lips about Christmas and New Year celebrations.

There was a short turn left and on up we ran along a well worn dry track - I thought that this would be a nice jaunt and followed Hot Lips for ages - Velma was behind me taking "Kodak Moments" as they were happening so we stopped a few times and "posed" for her.

The track wove its way up the hill and when we got to the top there was a great view from the right. On we went chatting not noticing the steepness of some of the hills!! After awhile, Diva yelled out "That's enough hills now!!!" but still there were more to conquer.By now, the chatting had stopped and all I could hear was heavy breathing behind me but am sure our sudden lack of chatter was a cover for our screaming thighs - surely our butts would have to be the trimmest in Brunei by now!! All I could think of was - the Hares have already done this same run so it can't be that bad!!! and how I wished I had not eaten that extra fruit mince pie on Christmas Day!!!

Finally, at long last we popped out along the top of another ridge and the view from the left side was spectacular. Mind you we were too knackered by now to really appreciate the view but hey thanks Hares!!!

Down we went and along for awhile, jumping over some muddy spots along the way and through some streams and then we came out of the jungle and along the road back to the tent and a very welcome 100+ and cold water!!

I never find out who finds those checks!!! Sorry about that!!! but you know who you are!!!

Everyone was safely out by 6pm and the sky was still blue and the day was still sunny so a lot of the hens got changed very quickly so the shout up could start. Some of the hens left early to go to the Nature Society talk and didn't stay for the shoutup.

JMs Diva and Ruthless Pursuit called all those present to order and wished everyone who had just returned from holidays a Happy New Year.
The 3 Bruneian Hares were given a down down for the great run.
There were 3 new guests but they had already left by the time the shout up started and 2 new members were welcomed as well as returning Hashers Gina, Amanda W and Dr Prawn.
There were 3 January birthday drinks shouted - Happy Birthday!!
Other announcements were : Things for sale for the Animal Shelter run by Rozi and Wina, St Andrew's Dinner coming up soon, The Learning Ladder Society is having a special sale to raise funds.

On a sad note, all the hens were asked to sign a condolence card for Aunty Lynn's Mother who passed away recently.

Hashit has a new owner!! Velma didn't sign out.
A delicious bring and share supper had been organised - it started raining quite heavily around 7-45pm so am sure the hardy ones stayed on!!!

On On,
Speedo and Gaby.

HARES: Gaby/Speedo/Eastern Promise


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