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Your new JM "Diva" Other JM 'Ruthless Pursuit' was in Manila "working" so she tells us!

Guess who? Winners of the best dressed

RUN NO. 2152
DATE: 17 NOV 2009
HARES: Mismanagement

Tuesday 5-15pm again already!!! Tuesday seems to come around too quickly!!
The front horn blasted off at great speed up the hill and the rest of us tried to keep up - some of us just staggered up slowly up and up and up along with a lot of locals out for their daily exercise.

Their blank looks said it all - what were these crazy orangs doing????
We followed the white paper up the hill and then along a well used track - some of the hens collected the pretty pink and purple feathers hanging in the trees which had been threaded through the hash paper.

At the first oxygen break, we had a lovely view from the top of Bandar when we reached the ridge and had a breather, before heading down thinking this was an easy stroll until we hit a few high steps - just to make your calf muscles scream and prepare them for all the dancing to come later on.

After awhile, the walkie talkies realised they had gone off paper!! No checks on this run either my kind of run!!

Luckily for us, other hens coming from behind called us all back up the hill - retraced our steps and down we went with help from the ropes, slipping and sliding down. Whoops! Diva fell over on her arse leading us down so we all very carefully followed her down after that!.

Eventually,we were led onto the road and through the carpark and along the main road back to our starting point. All the hens quickly drank their 100 plus and bottle of water before dashing off to have a cool shower and dress up for the Founder's Day dinner.

Oh what a night!! The room had been decorated beautifully and the airconditioning was so lovely and cold!

JM Bunny Girl started off the evening's proceedings.

First time guests were introduced - Eleanor, Linda and Irene's Mum were all given a delicious cocktail for their down down. Thanks to Never Wrong for the delightful concoction!!! Very moorish but oh so potent!!

The November Birthday Babes were called up also for a down down.

Jenni was to be christened and known as Jenni From The Block but she wasn't there when Bunny Girl was calling her - still getting glammed up I think. Maybe it will happen next week!!

Hash Awards were given out: Best Entertainment Of the Year - Speedo's September joke, Miss Pink for telling lots of jokes, and Mad Marg for her entertainment during the year.

The Wettest Run Of The Year went to: Trailblazer, Readymix and Jenni From The Block.
Prickliest Run and Wet and Smelliest Run Of the Year was awarded to Pee Wee and Ruthless Pursuit for their August run.
The Best Celebration Run was awarded to the St George's Day run in April represented by Madam Sin and Miss Tango on behalf of all the Poms.
The Navigationally Challenged Hares Award went to Fertile Myrtle and Nicole for their June run.
The Muddiest Run went to Tiga and Magic Roundabout for their run at MDF in April.
The Best Hash Stunt Of The Year went to Pickled Lilli -dancing with the wasps/hornets at DST.
The Best Run Of The Year was a joint winner with Mad Marg, Dizzy and Legally Blond in March and sharing it with Alison, Cheryl and Sue for their October run.
The Hashit Award for the Year went to Callgirl - 5 times!!!
The Award for the most committed Hashers went to those Hens who ran in the 7 in 7 - Mad Marg, Miss Tango, Speedo and Eastern Promise.

The Best Fancy Dress was awarded jointly to The Cha Cha Girls and also to Alison, Cheryl and Sue.

The 2008/2009 Committee was called up - they were all given a down down for all their dedication and hard work and later on the 2009/2010 Committee was introduced.

Lots of singing like in a karoke bar also happened during the evening - a lucky prize draw for members and guests was held and lots of lucky winners won some beautiful donated gifts. Thanks to all the generous sponsors this year.
All members received a beautiful purple drinks bag along with a bum bag and a gorgeous sarong.

Thanks to Miss Tango for the music last night also.

JM Bunny Girl made her final announcements - 24th November is the start date for the new committee handover. A 2010 Calendar is on its way to all members also within the next couple of weeks - some finetuning still being done.

Pee Wee got up on behalf of all members and guests to thank Bunny Girl for being the solo JM (ably aided by Mad Marg) after Mrs Pingu had to step down and she was given a BIG down down and she sang her way out with a very funny video clip.

We also bid a fond farewell to Monique who is leaving to return to Oz on November 30th and wish her all the very best. Don't forget us Monique!!! Think of us hashing in the jungle every Tuesday!!!.

HARES: Speedo/Eastern Promise/Velma

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congratulations Diva! You'll make a geat JM will be thinking about you every Tuesday! On On On UP