Monday, November 09, 2009


The hares Magic & Trailblazer
Tungku Beach

A scarey face - who is it?

Speedo with Tango in in Kg gear!

Dizzy telling her joke looking most serious!

The dress up girls .....

Pumpkins to add to the atmosphere

Waiting for the on call on first check

The moon even came to the party making it an eerie atmostphere

The serene sea

RUN NO. 2150
DATE: 3 November 2009
SITE: Tungku Beach - Halloween run - start 6pm
HARES: Magic & Trailblazer
HENS: 55

This weeks run was scheduled at 6pm, a little later than our usual run because it was the H-A-L-LO-W-E-E-N run. Both of us arrived late- long after the start of the run. Basically, I scrambled after signing in across the beach and tried real hard to catch up with my fellow hashers in vain. Well, as you would have predicted, this write up is therefore going to be very short. Heard that the first check took a long time to unravel but that was easily resolved and the trail continued. Was not there for any other checks either so really I cannot comment on any of the checks or even on how many were lain.
The trail led away from the beach but on very much a trodden track so though dark it was not perilous. Along the way we were greeted with tea-lights and sometimes a pumpkin lantern- warm and friendly. It was basically a flat terrain and many chose to stroll confident that they would be able to make it back to the base before it got too dark. The run was a trifle longer than anticipated for a Halloween run but because it was not too arduous no one really felt too fearful of being left behind. For the parts of the trail that I participated in, it was quite a different hash from all the ones I have been to before and so the beach experience was welcome. In some parts, the atmosphere was laden with some kind of mist adding to the spirit of the season but the night did not envelope the trail as it sometimes can what with the small window of twilight common in the tropics. I must say that despite all that I was quite happy to have company for most of my trek. After about 70% of the trail had been completed we were led back to the beach and I was completely mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the setting sun hanging low in the horizon. Add to that a very pleasant breeze and it was just picture perfect.
I had to tear myself away and continue on the trail - walking ankle deep in the sand competing with the waves for beach space. Those of us ahead wondered aloud if the ones at the back would have to wade through the water and later some said the water did come up to most of the beach. We finally reached the tent and were greeted with a punch- mildly flavoured with something that one cannot readily get in dry weather conditions. It was so refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed my cold, invigorating drink.

Shout Up
Many hashers took the trouble to dress-up for the event and it looked like a happy group of miss fits. Some very original in their creativity and others made good their lack of creativity by just adorning a mask- yours truly is guilty of that. Four prizes were presented by the hares to the selected four- thank you ladies for taking the trouble to think of gifts for us. We were then treated to a generous amount of food and a special birthday cake to mark TrailBlazer’s birthday. We thank you for the effort and time with this Halloween hash.RUN REPORT WIll be posted as soon as received.

NEXT RUN: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu with on on at Dizzy's
NOTE: Remember not to park at the Yacht Club and discretion to be used for changing.

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