Monday, November 02, 2009


Pee Wee getting the hashit from Pickled Lilli

Thelma showing the coasters celebrating her 100th run

Soon to be named: Domestic Goddess/Squeak & Rambling Rose

The hares Monique and Pee Wee

On the out trail

Down the narrow ledge at the start where the slip was

Pretty blossoms

RUN NO. 2149
DATE: 27 October 2009
SITE: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Pee Wee & Virgin hare Monique
FRONT HORN: Ryvita with understudy Claire

All through the week on FB there had been comments about how the ladies were dreading the run as it was the other side of Serasa Hill and it could only mean hills, but little did they realise that with one hill and no valleys, the only work was to get up, and then it was down again.

Front Horn went off in earnest thru the orchard with many aroma of local fruit ready for harvest or not harvested and was strewn all over the ground as we gingerly treaded through. A landslide had meant we had to go around a narrow ledge and lots of protruding branches got in the way. Lots of prickly bramble were around and one had to be careful not to get stuck and usually needed help from following hens to free you as the thorns all went the other way! Nasty.

Although it was up, it was quite gentle3 and once the caves were in sight, I knew we were near the top. The view was great and by then first check had been called, and the on - back was found by understandy front horn claire. The yacht club could be seen from a distance, and one sailor as well as hasher, made a quick survey and concluced that the distance from the yacht club up the river to Pulau Chermin and Beducan looked close, but with the current and lack of wind made the race the week previous such a long one! Thankfully a breeze came thru while we were at the top and soon another back on for 2nd check wasd found by Tango. We then weaved our way down and all out in good time without the hour.

The shout up continued with three new members, and Bunny girl enjoyed her few weeks left of reign and proceeded to name Tania as Squeak, Diana P as Domestic Goddess and Julia as Rambling Rose. A guest from Bali was welcomed. Thelma celebrated her 100th run and gave all present, coasters with different Australian animals inscribed on them. Everyone was reminded to sign up for the Founders Day which would be held at the ?Sheraton Ball room on 17th November with the theme Mardi Gras.

Hashit was debated, as Satu Lagi could not stop talking, but the hares' offence of forgetting to collect two signs from the previous week's run was considered to be most serious. Pee Wee took the hashit as she was responsible for the signs and Pickled Lilli could not wait to douse her thoroughly.

Great pasta and salads were dished up - thanks hares, and the usual small group stayed under the stars till it started to rain and Trailblazer made sure no signs were left behind! on on.

NEXT RUN: Halloween starting at 6pm - Tungku Beach
HARES: Magic & Trailblazer

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