Monday, November 16, 2009


Total dousing for Dizzy (one of the hares) as did not put any signs out for where the run was starting from.
Sparklers after some display of firework.

RUN NO. 2151
DATE: 10 November 2009
SITE: Bukit Serdang, Kota Batu
HARES: Dizzy/Mani

It was with trepidation that we gathered at the site that Tuesday. We knew that there would be a big hill to climb added to the fact that it was going to be a long one – with very few hashers with torches... does anyone listen to the JM… and of course we knew that Dizzy had laid the run!

Then off we went up… up... up… up… I think you get the picture! When we eventually got to the top we saw Glamour on her way back, who was surprised to see paper laid down the hill – apparently Dizzy had forgot to lay the paper up the hill and had laid it just before we arrived!

It was at this point the run became interesting! I turned right at the top of the hill with a brood of other hens and followed paper for 15 min or so until we reached a check. We could hear other hashers way down in the jungle in front of us checking but there was no-one on the check we were on. We were confused and went checking but could not find any paper. I decided to call the GM to see if she could shed some light on the situation. The front runners and front horn MadMargz had turned left at the top of the hill apparently on paper as well and they had found another check!

Then the front runners minus Madmargz turned up. We all looked for paper again and Virginie nearly disappeared into the jungle never to be seen again! Then MadMargz appeared from her checking and as we still couldn’t find any paper we decided to go out on a trail the GM knew would take us out. Then wouldn’t you know it we came on paper again! So it all worked out! I like a happy ending!

We all enjoyed the great views and had a good workout up the hill with very little cursing! Moral of the tale – always expect the unexpected when Dizzy has laid the run!!

The shout up was at Dizzy’s house which has become like a second home to the hashers – thanks to Dizzy’s hospitality.

It was a relaxed affair with Jane from the UK introducing herself as a first time guest and Wina entertaining us with a good joke.

The last couple of positions in the new committee were filled and final info given on our Founders Day run.

Dizzy took the Hash Shit well from Pee Wee for breaking a couple of Hash Rules – not putting the signs up and not being at the site at the end of the run – and for just being dizzy and actually here in Brunei!

We had yummy pasta – when Dizzy had sorted the gas out, and fireworks! What a treat! The hashers looked so good with their sparklers! We didn’t even have to use the First Aid Kit!

A great evening – thank you hares.
On – On

NEXT RUN: Tasek Lama, starting from Sheraton (FOUNDERS DAY)
DONT FORGET THEME, MARDI GRAS...... Purple, Green & Gold!

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