Thursday, October 01, 2009


The hares
New member being shown the ropes by JM

RUN NO. 2145
HARES: Juergen/Peahen with assistance from Satu Lagu/Eastern Promise
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

As commonly happens I arrived fashionably late with my guest, just in time to allow everyone a head start and to see you all clambering up a clay hill.

When I reached the top of the hill I was surprised to observe how thick the smoke haze was when I looked back down (these fires are totally not the one!). On into the jungle we went – going through a plantation – like Peter Rabbit going through Mr McGregor’s carrot patch. We past a couple of windmills and a friendly looking scarecrow.

We then hit an original main trail, by now hot on the heels of back horn. We chopped down a gear and arrived at first check just in time to hear the call “on back” – first check found by Pee Wee. Perfect timing we thought so we cut to the chase and followed everyone. We then went off the main trail and down into thicker jungle, which seemed so much cooler, this was welcomed as this day was particularly hot and all the hens were dripping wet. We crossed a wee creek and proceeded up a big hill where we came across Dizzy leaning up against a tree, muttering words to the effect of “mild heart attack” (having a dizzy spell).

Second check was found at the top of the hill by Ruthless Pursuit. Back onto the main track we went, noting a few big fallen trees lying across the paths that weren’t there on my last visit to Lucky Gardens. We crossed a couple of good sturdy log bridges, over the lake/pond, then popped out onto sand/mud flats thinking “yippee we are out” but alas no, we saw hens climbing up yet another challenging hill which then lead us back to the finish.

I thought it was a great run, covering a bit of everything –good trails jungle, creeks and hills – so well done to the hares and special thanks to Juergen for helping to lay it/

I was unable to stay for the shout up but heard that the hares put on yummy food – so thank you hares.

On on Ms Merlot

NEXT RUN: SPG 378 SUBOK (Water tower opp Rubbish Dump)
HARES: Ms Merlot/Fertile Myrtle

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