Friday, October 09, 2009

RUN NO. 2146 - SPG 378 SUBOK

The Hares Fertile Myrtle/Virgin Rachel/Mrs Merlot
New Member Rachel with her rules and gift from JM Bunny Girl

RUN NO. 2146
DATE: 6 OCT 2009
HARES: Fertile Myrtle/Mrs Merlot
HENS: 50

Arrived early and parked down the hill rather than up to leave space for the committee as they have a lot of things to carry. Hint! Hint!

The hens gathered catching up on the latest gossip. 5.15 pm already and time to sound the horn and off we went. Up and down the hills puffing and panting (doesn't get any easier). First check was found by Suzie - it was a back check. Off we trudged up the hills gaspiing and the yippee! time to go down. 2nd check was found by (sorry can't remember) but do know Madmarg found 3rd check.

Last time we were here (with the same hares - ed) we only made it to 2nd check as the hares were unable to get us out and we returned to base. So well done for a great run!

Bunny Girl gave the hares a Down! Down! A new guest was welcomed frm the UK (her mom's Sally). We were told there was a hash social night on Saturday 24th Octoer for fully paid up members and that you could bring a guest and food would be provided and that Founder's Day was on the 17th November. (The theme is Mardi Gras---- start getting your costumes together --- remember, purple, green and gold is the way to go -- beads, feathers, whatever tickles your fancy!! ed)

Ms Pink told some very good jokes.

The hashit went to Bunny Girl because her phone went off, Legally Blonde and Beluga for talking and Call Girl for forgetting the hash basket.

A lovely veggie curry was served - thank you hares.

NEXT RUN: RIMBA - Breast Cancer Run - Wear Pink ........

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