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Hares: Sue/Alison & Cheryl
Attentive well-behaved listener.

Catching up with Hari Raya stories before the run at George's workshop

RUN NO. 2144
DATE: 22 SEP 2009
SITE: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue

Its Hari Raya, open house after open house!! I just came back from one of those, thoroughly stuffed with Rendang, Lemang and other Malay delicacies. The Brunei hospitality was absolutely great again.

Had to rush home to get changed and as usual was a bit late for the run.
We started off at the back of George Henson’s warehouse along the road and then to the right getting on an empty patch. That must have been 1st check, as I could see a bunch of paper at the entrance of the jungle. Soon I caught up with the others and was told that there was a short run on yellow paper and a long run on pink paper. They all wondered where the yellow paper might be. Overtaking the tail of the runners, I found the paper after climbing a quite steep hill.
Still contemplating whether to go for the long run, I thought I needed to do a bit more to get rid of the extra few pounds I put on. So along I went on the ridge for quite a while until there was a left turn going down to the swamp area. I assumed that must have been 2nd check, as I met Alice in Wonderland and a few other hens coming from the other side.

Crossing the swamp, I thought it will be the out trail, but we turned right and “ OH NO” they made us climb that damn hill!!!! Finally after huffing and puffing I made it to the top, thinking “YES” we will turn left for the out trail, but was wrong again!! So along it went, following another ridge for quite a while until at some point the paper went to the right (it looked like another check). So down it went into the more dense jungle, a really beautiful trail with lush greens. Along the way we were crossing some streams and finally reaching the main trail.

“Oh No” not another hill to climb, but at least it wasn’t as steep as the previous one. Up on the ridge we turned right and were basically on the out trail. It took us another 10 to 15 minutes until we were out.

Thank you hares for this great run.

The shout-up was quite short; there were not many hens around.
After a down down for the hares and a few announcements and jokes, some key chains were handed out by the hares to the lucky finder of the green packets during the run.
Then it was down to the serious business of eating. All the hashers had brought a plate. We had dips and dippers, salads, Indian delights, quiche and a whole range of different desserts. It was all in all a very sumptuous buffet.
On On

Peahen (and in absence the honorary hash member Juergen)

Next Run: Lucky Gardens: We will try some different routes, but you will see some pink and yellow paper from last weeks run, which could not be avoided. Please stay on white paper!!!
A big “Thank You” to Satu Lagi and Eastern Promise for helping out!!!
HARES: Peahen/Juergen

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