Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RUN NO. 2147 - RIMBA

Pink Food
A pink audience under a pink tent

The pink hares Speedo/Jane & Tango

RUN NO. 2147
DATE: 13 OCT 2009
SITE: Rimba - Breast Cancer run
HARES: Speedo/Tango & Jane
BACK HORN: Diana Price

Many pink-breasted hens were spotted at the roadside at Rimba this week! Or maybe that should be the ‘spotted pink breasted hens’ for those amongst you who are twitchers!
You could not miss our site this week; the tent was festooned with pink ribbons and pink bunting. A lot of work had obviously gone into decorating the tent. Thank you hares.
Just before the horn sounded to send us off into the jungle, we were told to get together for a group photo, which we did as well -behaved hashers. Then as the horn sounded for the off we ran/walked through a pink starting tape and up the path to start our hash, led by Mad Marg , the front horn.

This was my kind of hash, no significant mountains to climb, no muddy slippy downs or raging streams to cross, just a gentle walk. Before we knew it we were back at the tent. Mad Marg said she was out in 29 minutes! I’m sorry but I have no idea who found the checks.

The hares, dressed to the nines in wigs and things, were there to greet us with heart shaped marshmallows and sucky sweeties. Where did they get the tutus? I have always wanted a tutu!
We caused quite a stir at the side of the road, Brunei has not witnessed such a sight in many a long day. Cars were slowing down to have a good look and a few came back for a second peek.
The shout up then commenced. The hares were called up and thanked for all their efforts.
Then it was time to meet the first time guests. We had Diane, Liz and Ann from U.K. and Jessica from Sweden.
Trish was given an award for 200 run s. When the JM asked what she had spent the money on, she replied it had probably been spent in SupaSave!

Next came Joke Time and Speedo regaled us with a boob joke.
Prizes were handed out to those lucky enough to find ‘pink ladies’ in the jungle. Then the prize for best dressed hasher went to Mad Marg, whose knickers seemingly were of the pink persuasion! We didn’t have any evidence of this however.
Speedo gave us a little talk about taking care of our boobs and announced she had passed her five year clearance. We had a minute’s silence to remember all our friends and loved ones who have succumbed to this terrible cancer and also reflect on the survivors who have beaten the disease. We toasted the survivors with Pink Baileys!

More presents were distributed to all the hens; my goodness, thank you again hares. Then it was announcement time; first a lovely letter from Mrs Pingu, followed by info about the Kid’s Hash and our Hash party!:

The Hash Shit was tossed over Diana, for not signing out (too busy being a back horn) and Mamasan for a mobile phone violation.
If all that wasn’t enough excitement, more gifts in the form of vouchers for Fitness Zone, were distributed to some lucky hens.

Our lovely hares fed us with curry puffs, open sandwiches and cute wee cup cakes.
What a night!
NEXT RUN: Serasa Yacht Club
HARES: Alison/Cheryl & Sue

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