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Welcome back Jane - and looking good
Wina enjoying the hashit with Beluga trying to dodge it

The Hares: Never Wrong and Madmarg

RUN NO. 2142
DATE: 8 SEP 2009
HARES: MadMarg/Never Wrong
FRONT HORN: Pee Wee BACK HORN: Eastern Promise
Que Rain again at approximately 3.30 pm, is this a regular order of rain, I wonder, so as deter fairweather hashers from attending.. ?? if it was... it failed well tonight.

Having never been to the Mentiri site before, I arrived in good time (early!) as it was easy to find (for most). I did hear that a few hens had driven past the site, and some had ended up close to Bandar, but we all found it eventually.

The run itself was in the words as ‘ A good running trail and some great VIEWS..’(no mention of HILLS, but in hindsight maybe the word VIEW was a clue?)

Hill; noun
1.a natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain.
2. an incline, esp. in a road: This old jalopy won't make it up the next hill.
3. an artificial heap, pile, or mound: a hill made by ants.
So at least it wasn’t a mountain that we climbed, or a hill made by ants!

Although I did feel the description below was more akin to us walkie talkies at the back:
over the hill,
a. relatively advanced in age.
b. past one's prime.

Anyway.. where was I? The trail was very well marked, and that’s always a great help, for someone like me, whose glasses steam up thus rendering me half blind...
It was a well trodden path that we followed. But not one I was familiar with, although I did vaguely recognize the reservoir from a previous hash. The hills were certainly hilly, and I think we were grateful for the fact there were ropes there to help haul ourselves up, and the downs were definitely down !

The views from the top of these Bukits ~ hills were stunning.. sadly I didn’t have the camera with me, due to the chances of precipitation! But it makes you realize how small Brunei is when you are up high, looking down. Also there were some beautiful plants on the way round, a few wild white orchids, and some pitcher plants.

The shout up was at Madmargz small abode (myself, Bet & Kellie all had serious house envy!) We were entertained by Madmargz & Bunnygirl’s rendition of Marilyn Monroe’s (or was it Betty Boops?) “I wanna be loved by you”. I think Peter Peckers will to inflate was restored as the ladies gave him a peck on the cheek!

First time guests; Sally who has taken a long time to think about coming to the hash, and will return, and Suzanna from Hamburg, who when asked if she will return to the hash said a defiant: NO!

Special awards went to Boel (Call Girl), Anna (Ryvita), Diana (Beluga) and myself (Pickled Lilli) as we all received our hash names. Hashit was shared between Call girl, Beluga and Wina for various crimes!

AND - a special welcome back to Jane Woolley - for one night only...
And Peahens ‘F word’ birthday last week! (50)
Thanks to the hares for a great run and fab food too!
ON ON /Pickled Lilli

NEXT RUN: Crocodile Beach - Wear longs
HARES: Pickled Lilli/Ryvita/Call Girl

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