Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RUN NO.2127 - DST

RUN NO.2127
DATE: 26 MAY 2009
HARES: THE BBOS - Trailblazer/Gordon

Photos shows hens negotiating the bridge that the hares had constructed so they will not get too wet! Also, to the hens' surprise they found Survivor on the out trail having walked in for about half an hour and heard the calls for the last check...... ED

It was yet another hot and humid day. I got there early to find the tent in place, and plates of yummy food being put down. Hmm.. it was a shame that I couldn’t stay to help out with the eating of it all.

Before heading off I had a thought, (just the one) and put a reminder into my phone to remember to get the signs on my way home. I think that is the 1st time I haven’t had to go back for them!! Progress.

We headed off into dst jungle, wound our way round a very nice track, after 15 minutes we came upon first check, after a short while it was called on ahead. Not too long after I came to second check and it wasn’t long before it was found by Anna and laid through. I must have slowed down, not that I got out of a brisk walk for the entire hash as I heard in the distance third check being called on paper. Before I knew it, I was in sight of the cars and tent. Survivor was ahead of me, almost out and it was all over. Just the hash I needed.

After a full on day this hash seemed the perfect end to the day. No hills, no mud, no water, no drama’s, just a wonderful meander through the jungle. It was just a shame I couldn’t stay. It was dedicated to all the grandma’s but I tell you, a perfect hash for a busy mum!

I can’t comment on the on on as I had to race off, but I’m sure it was a lovely evening. I did see Eastern Promise promoting Mad Marg’s baskets with fervor and the trade did seem rather brisk, perhaps she might look at car sales.

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 398 - Opposite Rubbish Dump
HARE: Fertile Myrtle

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