Thursday, May 21, 2009


RUN NO. 2126
DATE: 19 MAY 2009
HARE: Magic Roundabout/(Absentee) Linda

On arrival at the site, and contemplating whether my car would survive the muddy track made me a bit late in signing in. The tent was not where I had imagined and off we went to the flat clearing, and soon hens were going in all directions. After ascertaining that there one was a short run on yellow paper and a long run on pink paper after lots of calls and signals as to where each group were going, I settled for a trot in the jungle on the long run.

Not long in, I met Rozi and Wina who must have been so engrossed in some discussions - probably Rozi’s coming wedding and house moving that they had gone off paper! Good luck Rozi on your big day. After a few pleasantries, they were soon off up the hill and I did not see them again till back at the tent!

The hill, just went on and on and on and on, and at times, I could hear the front pack checking but never caught up till the last check. The constant drone of bulldozers reminded us of the continual disappearance of the jungle, and when traffic was heard we had popped up by the Salambigar link road. We then had a diversion to view what was left of Bini Hutan’s house where fond memories of many ladies hash Christmas runs started. A pile of rubble complete with a pool greeted us and I could imagine just how Juergen had felt that Saturday morning in February when he looked out of his window and saw his garden where we were standing at the “viewing platform”!

Off we went again, and as we ran along the ridge, we veered towards the left where another chunk of the jungle had been bulldozed. We went across the cleared bit and back into the jungle we went. Back again on familiar lucky garden trails we were out where the short run started.

Shout up began with Magic celebrating her 300th run, and Jan Murphy ordained as “Possum” by our duly attired JMs. Jokes then centred on nuns and the hens, especially Madam Sin came to the party which had the whole coup in stitches.

No hashit was given – again – although a “rain check” on some sin by a hasher who had left could be forthcoming next week…….

We then enjoyed healthy pastas and salad that Magic had prepared and the circled slowly diminished towards the end of the night while the rain stayed away. On on

NEXT WEEK’s RUN: DST – Dedicated to all the grandmas - Bring a plate (with food) to share
Enjoy the many pitcher plants and wild orchids around – nice trails although a bit scratchy around the bracken. Some thorns around as well.

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