Wednesday, May 13, 2009


RUN NO. 2124

Another hot sticky day in Brunei, another Tuesday, another Ladies Hash.
Our venue this week, my old stomping ground, Jalan Aman.

I have so many happy memories of living in Jalan Aman. We first moved there in 1993 from the farthest reaches of Tutong.

Jalan Aman seemed so civilized by comparison, after all, the house had air con and wardrobes! Luxury! It was a great time to live in Jalan Aman as there were so many families with so many kids. I never had to bother taking Hamish out to find company it was all there on our doorstep!

The one place the kids loved to play was ‘Dog Hill’ (so called as the kids saw a dog there once!) and as we set off on the hash last Tuesday and climbed ‘Dog Hill’ all those lovely memories came flooding back! Ah! So there we were scrambling up ‘Dog Hill’ on to first check. The check was quickly found, not so sure by whom, and then we were on our way through the scratchy bracken and trippy undergrowth.

At second check there seemed to be some confusion as to whether the check was ‘on back’ or ‘on ahead!’ Sue tried to explain that the on paper was found back from the check therefore the call should be ‘on back’ but others were not convinced. However, on we went through more scratchy bracken a wee bit of water and found ourselves coming out beside some houses. To the amusement of the residents of the simpang, our raggle taggle (Scottish saying) bunch of hashers emerged from the jungle wondering where the hell we were!

As we walked along the simpang and on to highway I heard a child shouting, ‘Hello teacher!’ Sure enough it was one of the kids from my school. As we strolled along the highway, Sonia said she felt vunerable walking on the road and I think we all agreed with her. However, very quickly we were back at base camp in Jalan Aman.

At the shout up the hares were thanked in the usual manner for laying such a great hash. There were no guests or new members. I made an announcement about the forthcoming Serunai Singers concert, which by the way is on the 15th and 16th of May at 7.30pm at the Mabohai Club.

Tickets are priced at $20, which includes a buffet finger food supper. Come for a bit of Handel, Haydn and Bruckner, with the Seekers thrown in!

Our JM celebrated her 100th run and treated us all to a Ladies Hash sticker, a very nice gesture. Hash shit was dispensed to Veronica, Diana and Satu Lagi.

The hares provided delicious satays, which were savoured under the stars.

This week’s run is the usual Diplo stuff. I was only joking last week when I said you had to rappel, canoe and rock climb. If you do, I apologize in advance.
Everyone should manage to go round, but if in doubt please only go to first check. One last thing, please be on the look out for the Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo. We saw one on our recce.
On on! Cheryl


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