Thursday, January 29, 2009

RUN NO. 2110

RUN NO. 2110
DATE: 27 Jan 09
SITE: SPG 527 Jln Subok
HARES: Carol/Sarah G
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Having had a week of on and off rain, rain and more rain, visions of a really wet run was on most hens minds but as true hashers dutifully set off with front horn Magic (oh ...Trish was first assigned the chore who suddenly had something else to do..)

We trotted back down the lane to the open section where extensive building was in progress and thoughts of not being able to go thru somebody's garden soon - well, there is the other empty section round the other side, then the hares will have to do a lollipop run and there is of course Bukit Markucing across the road.

Into the jungle we went as the drizzle continued steadily, Not yet with her raincoat and then a few turning back just before first check, as we started to ascend slippery slopes assisted by ropes here and there. Pretty trails and two waterfalls (true to the hares' words regarding water features) but we pursued earnestly as the rain continued and some had said it was not a long run?

Soon, the front runners were too far ahead for the bunch of us trailing behind with back horn and we could not hear them at all. As we went thru a few water crossings, lots of paper new and old everywhere, and it seems I was destined to write about the other run as I was among the eleven that went right instead of left at the last water crossing (apparently only ten minutes away from out - and two of the ones right behind went the wrong way) - We would have been 13 going up and up and up and up and wondering are we on paper (right paper?). We called ahead, and Aunty Lynn/Speedo both with guests answered, so we carried on ... but apparently we were on the wrong paper.

However, once we got up to the ridge and saw Kota Batu, Kg Ayer, oh Bukit Serdang... and the Yacht Club in the distance (it was an illusion), we consolidate our plans and decided it would be easier to go down to Jln Kota Batu, rather than trek back thru the jungle as it was by then 6.45pm and getting dark. Trailblazer estimated we had been about 45 minutes since the river crossing and would take probably longer than that to get back to that point. JM Carol sent two cars - thanks Kerry and Bini Hutan who came to our rescue - we thought of a new challenge to hens as to how many hens they can fit into a car when all eleven of us squeezed into the two vehicles. Dirty and cold we arrived back at the site and a warm welcome by the hashers followed by delicious laksa provided by the hares.

Shout up was orderly and hashit exchanged hands although the hares got it again, for forgetting a sign left by the main road last week, and joined by a few others for various misdemeanours. One new guest was welcomed, and although she was with the "lost" pack promised to be back again.

Thanks for a caring hash and Carol of the use of her house!

HARES: Ready Mix/Trailblazer/Survivor

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