Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RUN NO. 2108

RUN NO. 2108
DATE: 13 JAN 2009

Hi there lovely ladies! Welcome to another exciting addition of “The epic tale of a bunch of crazy women who trudge through the treacherously wild virgin jungles of Borneo”.

So… it is my job to write about last weeks hash run… bare with me as I’ve not had to do it before and its been quite a while since I’ve done anything on a computer except pass on annoying funny chain emails!

OK. I got to the site quite early for a change, but only because I’d left home unreasonably early fearing I’d get lost and miss something to write about! I found it quite easily and managed to snag a good park right near the tent. Haha! The ground was already looking like a swamp due to the incessant rain over the last few days. I will admit that I seriously thought about doing a few doughnuts in the mud but feared the wrath of the ‘elders’ so self control was displayed. My car was not impressed about having to climb that first hill but I felt really sad when I heard Claire’s little blue rocket nearly busting its gaskets to get up! She drove in 5 full circles trying to find a place to park where she wouldn’t sink.

Though the sky was grey and clouds were at bursting point, the rain held off long enough for the run to start. After briefly gathering around the mother hens who suggested we bring in torches and warned us about being careful in the slippery conditions, off we went chasing the hypnotic sound of front horn. Carol took the honor yet again and Anna took back horn.

Up, up, up, slip down, then up, up, up slip down again… it was like trying to walk the wrong way up a water slide! Luckily someone had installed a few ropes, which saved us having to get mud under our nails trying to claw up that killer hill on all fours. Down the other side, through some bracken fern, a few more ups and downs then along the ridge for a bit. Having done this run before (who could ever forget that founders day when one of the most experienced hens was lost inside for hours), I’d expected to go a lot further into the jungle but as weather conditions weren’t ideal, the hares had decided to cut it short and turned us all around, to go out the way we had came. It eventually dawned on me that I would have to get back down that ‘waterslide’ we had struggled so hard to get up! So back through the ferns and down we went. Glad that I wasn’t wearing white on this particular occasion, I promptly squatted down and bum slid my way to the
bottom, thanking god there were no hidden sharp objects sneakily blocking my path.

No one was left behind in the jungle for an unplanned camp out so the shout up began. The rain could hold out no longer and it bucketed down. Luckily for us, our JM’s could still be heard clucking out all the very important tidbits of information that enriches our lives on a weekly basis. Two returning hashers – Steph and Rita joined the cluster and threw back a few beers, obviously having stayed in tune with tradition. Hares dressed as navy boys for some reason unknown to me and we pigged out on a delicious vegetarian curry with rice. Nag was even so kind as to provide chocolate and ‘carrots’ ??? for desert.

And for those of you that missed last weeks run… the naked male mud wrestling was fantastic entertainment. Too bad if you missed it!

NEXT RUN: Opposite Spg 1038 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar
HARES: Amanda W/Kerry

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