Sunday, January 04, 2009

RUN NO. 2106

SITE: Lucky Gardens, Jln Muara
HARES: Trailblazer/Not Yet

Yann (Trailblazer) messaged me earlier on Tuesday and asked me to pick up Judy (Survivor). I was a little concerned Judy wouldn’t be able to get into my car as I have problems sometimes being of the short fat hairy leg brigade. However, Judy swung herself effortlessly up into the passenger seat with the grace of Tarzan! We were off to the hash.

This week it was at Lucky Gardens, not at the mud hole, but starting off from George’s shed. A select group of Hashers gathered round the JM’s as they told us about the correct paper to follow and then we were off.

Back down to the road again, across the mud hole and then into the jungle.
We followed the paper on familiar trails up (and it was a torturous long up!) to the ridge. The front runners were pretty far ahead so I have no idea who found any of the checks.

We seemed to separate into two groups the front runners and not front runners. My group, the not front runners, huffed and puffed up the hills and talked about Christmas, food, not wanting to go back to work, more food, diets to start in the New Year, etc. We also kept a lookout for wild life such as sun bears and snakes but although I thought I heard something peculiar in the bush we didn’t actually come across anything noteworthy.

Up a few more killer hills and then down into thicker jungle, across ubiquitous mud, gently flowing streams and up, up and up to the out. We were actually very lucky with the weather as it could have been much worse under foot.

Back at George’s shed the shout up was very orderly; all the well behaved hashers were in attendance! The hare’s were thanked for such a short, flat, non muddy run!! The horns were thanked; I can only remember Tina as back horn, sorry.
Announcements were announced. I can’t remember them either; well it is still the party season!

The hash-shit was not called for as we had behaved so well. Not even Caroline had disturbed the gods of hashing! Then it was down to the serious business of eating. All the hashers had brought a plate (with something on it.) We had delicious pakora, mince pies and brandy butter, various tasty dips with various tasty dippers, Christmas cake, chicken to nibble, cakes, chocolates, sushi, etc, etc.
In other words, lots of epicurean delights.

Now, can someone please come up with a simple but effective diet for me to start in the New Year? I would be very grateful. We all wished each other Happy New Year as we drifted away from George’s shed. Another good evening spent with the Ladies Hash.
Judy swung herself back into my car and we went home to wash off the mud and repeat our stories to our husbands.

NEXT RUN: Jln Pimping, Serasa
HARES: Alison/Cheryl

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