Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RUN NO. 2109

RUN NO. 2109
DATE: 20 Jan
SITE: Opp Spg 1038 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar
HARES: Amanda W/Kerry

Well, what a week of rain! Severe tropical storms have plagued Brunei for a couple of weeks now, yet we have been lucky enough to dodge the rain in the ladies hash. This week, was a particularly good choice of location as the terrain was slightly higher than the road which left good trails that were not too muddy. The sun was poking through as Pee Wee sounded the horn and the trail led us up on to the main road and along to the next Simpang. The hares, sat luxuriously from the balcony of Amanda’s house sipping drinks and gave us a wave (determined to get rid of the hashit this week I noted the hashitable offence!!). The road led us alongside a river into a deserted Government Tree Nursery and a nice but inclining path to a beautiful reservoir/lake. The paper took us on up to the first check, where Magic Roundabout thought she would search in the opposite direction. Anna was quick to find the on paper which was easy to find and so the hashers ran on through some nice jungle trails. Shortly after, the second check was found quite quickly on ahead (can’t remember who found it – Alzheimer’s must be setting in as I did ask at the time). As we ran in a loop we came on again quite quickly to the final check, which Anna found again, down a slippery slope and along a clear trail. The run out was very pleasant with great views.

Front runners were out in 30 minutes and even some late comers were out before dark and everyone quickly trekked off to the on on site – Amanda’s house. A few of us left behind, were witness to the remaining hashitable offences. Diana last to come in with her Mother, failed to introduce her guest before the shout up, despite numerous opportunities to do so; Pee Wee left the bins behind and the hares did not stay at the run site to check that all of the hashers were out.

The shout up was busy with 4 first time guests – Aunti Lynns Niece – Kate, Rozi and Wina from the hetro hash and Diana’s mum. Lots of announcements were given and jokes told and the hashit was given and taken very well. We honoured 4 hashers this week with the hashit and Anna gave a sneaky back throw while photos were being taken from the front.

Thanks Amanda and Kerry for the run, easy checks, great sausages and sorry that you had to get wet. Hope this inspires everyone to double check the rules.

Remember – You must introduce your guest formally to the JMs.
If you are a hare – avoid being seen on the trail and remember it is your duty to ensure that all hashers come out.

HARES: Carol/Sarah G

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