Monday, March 31, 2008

RUN 2066

DATE: 25 Mar 2008
SITE: 23 Jalan Aman, off Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HARES:Trailblazer/Tina L FRONT HORN: Legolass (visiting from Hong Kong)
BACK HORN: Ah Struth

A small group of hens who were not lucky enough to be away on holidays gathered at the site on a clear night with no storm clouds brewing. As the hares had not given us any hints on the run we did not know what to expect.

We headed off across the road and into the jungle. We proceeded along through bracken fern and came to some muddy water to wade through to ensure that nobody ended up with clean shoes. We scrambled along through low hanging branches, one time when it is an advantage to be short or to be politically correct (vertically challenged.)  plenty of trips and some thorns.

First check was reached and found quickly but I cannot tell you who by then we turned left through more jungle. We head along for about 15 mins towards the road and just when I thought we heading back in again we were back at the site.

The hares gathered back and shared tales of their adventures in Perth.
The shout up was commenced and two first time guests were introduced Nicky who lived in Brunei for 3 years and never did a hash then Colleen a visitor from Canada.
Legolass who is visiting from Hong Kong and kindly volunteered to be front horn was given a down down. We look forward to seeing her again in May when she returns for the Nash Hash with other Hong Kong hashers. Hashing must be a very civilised there because she tells me if you get lost you simply catch a taxi back.
The Hares provided chicken salad and Easter eggs. Thank you hares.
Everyone enjoyed the rest of the evening.

NEXT RUN: 1 April
SITE: MENTERI HILL (Bring a chair)
From Sg Akar go to Kota Batu roundabout U turn to be on south side of road. Dam entrance. Shell Map Pg 15 J25.
HARES: Sarong and Never Wrong

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