Sunday, March 16, 2008

RUN NO. 2064

DATE: 11 March 2008
Site: Diplo
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/ San San (Virgin)

It was a lovely evening for a hash – not too wet - not too hot – to coin the words of Goldilocks - it was just right!

With the horn blowing we all set off for a run on one of our more favourite sites.We were not to be disappointed as we headed up and down and up and down………and up and down ! To say the terrain was undulating would be an understatement. However we were to be rewarded with beautiful meandering trails and a lot of pretty streams to cross.
First check was found by Heather L who is an inspiration to us all as she managed to get to first check first and is with child [congratulations by the way! Look forward to seeing baby L on a run soon!]

Despite the heavy evenings rains we have been having it wasn’t too muddy on the trail although there were a few slippery bits and Dizzy did a good attempt at arse ski-ing at one point which I believe was worthy of at least a 9.8.

The run was going very smoothly and 2nd check was found by readymix. There were a few steep ledges in the bracken to negotiate and I shouted to Tina to warn her as she has a propensity for Hash Stunts. Thankfully she has improved on her Hashing Technique and a crisis was averted!

3rd check was found by our own Back Horn Jane – well done you – a Walkie Talkie finding a check – you go girl! Then some FRB’s overtook us and shouted that we needed to go faster as we were only half way through the run. We were nearly 50mins into the run - silence prevailed as someone reminded us that there had been no timings on the words! It was of course a Hash Rumour! We were out in 1hr 15 – just right!

The shout up was Hash Orderly and 3 first time guests were introduced. Jenny and Kerry from Downunder [to be noted - Kerry downed her liquid in one go – we have high expectations for you Kerry!] and Julie from France. A big Hash welcome to you all!
Tango nearly got Hash Shit for not informing her guest of Hash Protocol – but it turned out to be a dud ads can! Lucky! However Hash Shit was given to Dizzy and Nellie. Bini Hutan claimed her Hash Shit offence given by Nellie wasn’t valid as her new shoes had broken this week. Dizzy apparently got it for no other reason than being Dizzy and for foolishly admiring the Hash Shit bag! Having no extra clothes did not deter them as they bravely stripped off and took the Hash Shit! Well done girls!

Readymix celebrated her birthday – although she wasn’t sharing the exact age – but she looks well for being a year older whatever the age. She was presented with a lovely cake which we all enjoyed later.

As it was Diplo we all brought Dips and Dippers.What a great idea! What a feast – such lovely dips – could we have Hash Domestic Goddess section to the words to print the recipes we have enjoyed?
A lovely run – thank you ladies!!

HARES: Tango/Amanda S
Celebrating St Patricks Day with on on at Tangos after.

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