Monday, March 10, 2008

RUN NO. 2063

DATE: 4 March 2008
HARES: Trish/Pee Wee/Carol

The sky threatened to open up although it had already bucketed down the previous evening and earlier in the day; however it stayed away for the rest of the evening.
I was running late, and after signing in and proceeded down towards a very wet in-trail. We were met by Bettina and Bini Hutan heading back “exclaiming that it was too wet and slippery.” Besides, I believe Bini Hutan had new shoes! (And got the hashit for it. Bettina also got it for telling so no one was spared. Trish was very quick to get rid of the hashit and gave both Bettina and Bini Hutan warm foot washes.)

We went thru some muddy tracks and watery holes, including smelly ones and once in the jungle were heading down some very slippery slip sliding slopes. First check caught everyone together and indeed was a side-way back check found by Sarong.
Pitcher plants dotted most of the way as we found ourselves thru more wet crossings and pretty waterfalls. 2nd check was found by Alison, although my detective work did not disclose the finder of 3rd check. The view of the skyline was fantastic and bits of Bandar Seri Begawan could be seen as we went along a ridge.

Running Bare was practicing some skills in making sure snakes and such like scattered as she approached with loud claps for the forthcoming World Interhash at Perth. Some thought they should be turning around as the promise of a short run was indicated but the run seemed to continue on, and on we soon suspected that it could be an A to B – this proved true as we got to the top of the ridge and a sign that said “way out or you could do the Tasek loop should you need a longer run”.
As we headed to the bottom of Bukit Salilah adjacent to The Sheraton Hotel, a debate was going on as to how the run was described as short. It was soon clear that it was a misinterpretation of “not a long run”. The run had indeed not been described as “short”. Although it was a small group, the hares that met us were pleased that most had gone round, and the bus that was to transfer the hens back to Subok 67 made two trips.

The shout up was very orderly and soon we were tucking into Soto (a local soup) with a topping choice of beef, chix or veggies. A pleasant change and many thanks to the hares for providing the chow. Trish celebrated her birthday with a cake and as usual the hard core hens carried on till late in the evening.

SITE: DIPLO (Dip and dippers night)
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Sansan

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