Sunday, April 06, 2008

RUN NO. 2067

DATE: 1 APRIL 2008
SITE: Menteri Dam, Salambigar - Menteri Link
HARES: Sarong/Never Wrong
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

We arrived at the site with hens parking along the highway having been warned that the boom gate would be down although no one knew at what time. As good hashers, all who had park beyond the boom gate moved their car in case they got shut in - hence no tent had been ordered as the truck may not have been able to go through.

As it was a new site, the horn sounded at 5.15 and we tracked along some barren land and was soon into the jungle. Once in pretty wide trails followed and we could see it would be great running for the FRBs. Not far in we met Pee Wee who was already heading back as she had tripped and hurt her hand. We went up and up and 1st check was found by Magic Roundabout, keen as mustard after World Interhash in Perth that had no jungle like Brunei.

Tango found 2nd check but turned back as she had seen trees with 2 balls hanging and was not sure if it was an apparition (was Greg in town?) She reckoned she had seen this twice and called it a day. However, Cannibal and Magic have since confirmed that they were no more than ant nests!

We were rewarded with a fantastic view at the top of the ridge and certainly worth a "Kodak moment". We saw the Menteri Golf Club and right across to Brunei Bay....... a sight not seen on the Ladies Hash.....

The sojourn to Perth had certainly sharpened Running Bare's skills in checking and she was rewarded by finding third check. The trails were well maintained (by the villagers, so we learned) and even had ropes along the sides of most inclines. Periodically there were signs with names and mobile numbers in case anyone needed assistance. And as we reached the top of the last hill a sign in malay gave encouragement and expressed that should you be tired, take a breather, have a rest before carrying on.

Shout up by JM Sarah B assisted by GM Ellin started orderly and Legally Blonde had a birthday card that sang given to her. Hashshit changed hands as Heather S's mobile rang during the shout up. Delicious curry puffs and a variety of dips were served up by the hares on a makeshift table and so the night went on. Thank you hares.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens, Jln Muara, Kg Sg Hanching
HARES: Trailblazer/Cheryl/Alison

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