Thursday, February 01, 2007

RUN 2006

Run No: 2006
30 January 2007
Site: Kg Mata-Mata
Hares: Madmarg/Kiera
Front Horn: Karen P
Back Horn: Jane
Special Awards: Jan Murphy - 100 runs Sarah H & Karen P - 50 runs

We started in Mata-Mata on time, 5.15 pm and went following the frontrunners into the jungle. We expected a run up the pylon track, but after a short distance we turned right. First it seemed very snug, we had good running-trails, just a bit slippery, but lead in fantastic landscape with big ferns and rare plants.We crossed the stream many times, I stopped counting and I’m not sure, whether it was the same one or different streams each time.

The 1st check was found by Magic Roundabout and was far enough to get the feet wet and muddy. Impressive lush vegetation all the way up and down along the stream made the time to the 2nd check go by quickly. Again it was found by Magic Roundabout. Marvellous, at the last steep hill we were supported by a rope, and climbed up to have a beautiful view over Mata-Mata and the newly built bungalows. Soon we reached the on on-site and were ready for the shout-up.

Down down was given to the hares Madmarg and Kiera. Thank you for the great run!!!• Sarah & Karen P was called up for their 50 runs. Not forgetting Jan Murphy, she got a down-down for her 100 runs, Carol celebrated her birthday. And…..Very sad for all of us, Rosemarie has to go back to U.K. She received a warm fare-well with a down-down. Hope she will be back soon!!

Thanks to the Front-Horn Karen and the Back-Horn Jane. Last but not least, thanks for the revival drinks, the delicious samosas and the cake we all enjoyed.

Speakers corner Diana: “It was wet, slippery and I love the mud!”
Sue: “At least it wasn’t raining.”
Elaine: “J├╝rgen was so kind to pick up the signs.”
Nellie: “I tried to limp to the 1st check but failed, I think I missed a lovely run.”
Sarah Hill: “Mud, mud glorious mud!!!!”
Karen Palmer. “Opps lost the squidger off the Front-Horn!”
Carol: “Had a bit of a swim.”
Karen McFarlone: “Lovely water and mud to play in.”
Running Bare:” It was scratchy, should wear long trousers.”
Madam Sin: “Should have brought flippers and a snorkel.”
Ah Strewth: “Very enjoyable- very varied – in the jungle – on top of the hill!”
Trailblazer: “More up than down and very wet.”
Kirstie: “Lucky I know how to swim.”
Claire: “Lived up to Hash name, spent a reasonable amount of time on my bottom!!”
Sarah(Bailey): “Very muddy and a lot of streams – good workout!”
Magic Roundabout: “Great run. A cunning start up the pylon-trail, only to have a sharp right turn into the jungle. Wet, muddy, slippery. We crossed 10 streams one time, or one stream 10 times? 1st check, 2nd check was found by yours truly(Me!!!!) An exiting and rare event. 3rd check was found by Claire. A rope was provided at one of the very steep parts, thank you hares, but what about the last bit, my fingernails will never be the same.”
Jan Murphy: “Magnificient views of “Kampong Desperate”!
Great journalism by Gaby. Still some of Mata-Mata left.”

Next week: Lucky Gardens, Jln Muara

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