Monday, February 19, 2007

Run 2008

Run 2008
13 Feb 2007
Site: Rimba Executive Housing
Hares Madmarg, Naj, Amanda S & Sarah B

What’s this??? A barrier across our wonderful Rimba site? Not another site lost, how disappointing, but we were pleasantly surprised by our elegantly decorated underground Den of Lust with hearts and gossamer swags. Oh forget the glamour… we were off at our appointed time onto the black hard land and on into the ever diminishing vegetation. Hornies Karen and Carol took the honkers and we were off. A little climb on hands and knees to get up and in. Around and around, up and down, checking from where??? Checking ahead??? Checking from back??? Now how could that be? Oh for goodness sake Chickies, how are the walkies and talkies ever supposed to figure out which way you had gone? “Checking from here” ONLY if you are standing ON the check please Chicks. Don't forget to lay it through from the check.
Pretty scenery and still some pitcher plants left. Slippy slidey, icky sticky, now was that a hill on the way out or was that a….. great hill. A good workout for the quickies and a lovely walk for the walkies and talkies.

On On with lots of announcements and a lucky draw of Valentine’s Day gifts (thank you generous hares) Hashit finally changed hands, Magi your Valentine’s Day outfit was just asking to be dampened……. buuuuuuuut forgetting to take the hashit bucket home may be cause for another dunking. Yummy cakes for afters, thanks again to our hares.

This weeks run is a walk in the park… well almost finished park we think. Hopefully no ropes will be required and should see you back on site for another trot if you so feel inclined.

Run 2009: Km 22.5 coastal highway

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