Thursday, February 15, 2007

RUN NO. 2007

Run No:2007
Date: 6 February 2007
Site: Lucky Gardens
Hare: Juergen
Front Horn: Kirstie (now known as “Tiger Bum”
Back Horn: Trailblazer
We started off from a new location for me, LBT Electro Platers at Lucky Gardens. Down the street we went, scrambled over a bulldozed site, and right away came to a steep hill we were promised in the summary of today’s run. After that it was a dry and easy-going path to 1st check. At the check there were several possible trails, but the on paper was found fairly quickly at the top of the hill by one of the frontrunners (later I found out it was Carol, * see below for how I know that).
A short time after, the paper seemed to run out. “Not again!” the hens were moaning, remembering the hash of two weeks’ ago. Some thought that at 1st check we had actually found a different check and were going the wrong way around. Anyway, while we were debating and looking around for paper, someone found more paper on ahead, so off we raced again. Through the scenic jungle, across a bridge, and then we came to a big hill (wait a minute, wait a minute…… didn’t we read somewhere about hills “at the beginning only?”)
At that point the pack got a little separated. I could hear lots of shouting ahead. So there were either lots of checks or exciting things happening in front (I heard later there were “4 or 5 checks.” We arrived at the big open construction clearing and were faced with – guess what – another hill. But that was it, we were out.
At the shout up, we said goodbye to Kirstie, who’s been a faithful and avid hasher, but who’s going home (far, far away – the Hebrides or some such remote place.) Tiger beer and bottoms were discussed, a laminated souvenir of her hash days was presented, and a down down was drunk in her honour.
*The finder of 1st check, Carol, was rewarded by our Honorary Hare Juergen with a pair of skimpy, lacy, sexy, red knickers. She promptly tried them on and modelled them for us and the camera (outside her clothes, I hasten to add, in case anyone reading this will think the Ladies Hash is losing its normally high moral standards!!)
Juergen also spoiled us all by presenting each of us with a little heart. And, to the ladies’ delighted whistles, he did a mini strip tease while he tried on his brand new Ladies Hash hare t-shirt! Thanks to Juergen for the run, the hearts, and the delicious shwarma that followed.
Scribe: Sarah B

Next week: Tungku Beach or KM 22.5 coastal highway, pls look for signs

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