Monday, January 29, 2007

RUN 2005 - 23 January 2007

Site: Simpang 370 -86
Hares: Bini Hutan, Bettina & Gaby
Front Horn: Trish
Back Horn: Mad Marg
New Members: Norma & Angela
Special Awards: Black Beauty 200 runs.

The very popular Simpang 370-86 was host to this weeks hash, and as a new comer, it certainly was nice to know which way to get to the start location. Many thanks to Sigi for the fine hospitality, we left her comfortable alfresco area and departed through the back gate to the jungle.
What a lovely run, well established paths and paper clearly marking the trails, the first check was far enough into the jungle to be sufficiently warmed up and ready for exercise, we traveled up through the grass and located check number one, it was hard to hear the hens calling the checking for the noise of the heavy duty machinery in operation nearby, we headed up to the ridge line and hit, by surprise what looked like a desert, and the destruction of such beautiful jungle gave way to fallen trees, erosion and read clay piled high, such a sad sight to be had, we climbed our way down the vacant land across the construction site trail and up quickly back up the other side into the jungle.
There was a few bridges to climb across clear streams, check number 2 proved to be a little more of a challenge to locate, with hens going in all directions before finally the ON ON was heard up ahead. Back on the trail again we headed for the next check, I could hear the sound of cars whizzing by and was surprised to see the Mentiri road so close to our path.
The paper abruptly ended before check 3 and the lead pack knew something was not right, it was not long before the pack was all back together and agreed to follow Heather out of the jungle as no paper could be found.
A communication break down resulted in a few hens remaining in the jungle after dark, but thanks to the help of a few, all came out a little weary and ready for the shout up.
Thanks to Sigi, Bettina & Gaby for the scrumptious food- especially the meat loaf that was brought in from Germany!

Next week's run: Kg Mata-mata

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