Tuesday, December 27, 2016


RUN NO. 2522
DATE: 20 DEC 2016

The rain poured copiously down in the early afternoon but it didn’t deter the seasoned hashers who turned up torches in hand and ready to take on the challenge. The sign indicated that the run was 3.5 - 4 km. A good indicator. This information was duly noted  and a few of us very wisely went to first check only as it was quite dark under the canopy and very muddy and slippy. The rest who decided to go the full length came out around 7pm.

 The fun and festivities began at Yogi beers place. What a fabulous spread was laid out for all. The hash sponsored the fab turkey and there was wonderful contributions by the ladies to complete the feast.

Only one first time guest who was Icy bitches mum. She joined in well with all the fun. Songs were sung and mulled wine devoured. Funny how we all sing so well after a wee drink or two!.
Secret santa produced some lovely gifts and no one was disappointed. Very christmassy in preparation for xmas time.

 A Big thank you to the hares for their fab effort to make the xmas run special and memorable.

 The xmas presents are opened,
The xmas turkeys cooked.
Mince pies eaten in abundance
The chocolates not overlooked.
The waistline rapidly expanding,
The full feeling never gone.
What shall we do to undo this fun
I know…..We’ll do a run
See you all at this weeks run.
The Ghurka trails opposite the Mentiri waterfalls. Entrance just after the subok roundabout on the left.  Its about 4k. Some hills but good running trails.
On On at Hot lips’ house, Bring a chair

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