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RUN NO. 2519 DIPLO 29 NOV 2016

RUN NO. 2519
DATE: 29 NOV 2016

Well, we were promised a Bitch of a Run and it certainly didn't disappoint. The hares had started to backtrack both physically and metaphorically, saying it was a short one after all, trees were down, wada wada wada, but still BRING A TORCH. I smelled a ploy: the hares wanted to lull us into a false sense of security. It reminded me of the Macmillan Cake bake run, or Cakegate, if you will. We were assured that it would be a short gentle run because the hares wanted us back out eating cakes. But then oh the pain, it was a hell of a run with a cunning and dastardly third check and when we got out we were made to eat gruel before we could get our grubby hands on the sweet stuff!! Well, I digress.

Last Tuesday we gathered at Diplo getting our freak* on (*freak = spray). Yogi Beer led us in with the shiny loud horn - what lungs! A few of us went in the out so had to come back out the out to go in the in. Then we did the hokey kokey and we didn't turn around and we were fine. Lovely not-so-oft trod diplo trail awaited us. Short and hilly on white, long and flat on yellow we were told- all part of the ploy it would seem! Long and hilly on white and yellow same-same! There was a particularly vertical hill on white and yellow that rewarded us with some rarely seen Diplo views and well, it was all downhill from there...

It got dark, it got muddy, it got rivery; it got darker, it got muddier, it got riveryer...trudge squelch trudge moan squelch squelch trudge. Finally out! Food before shout up? What what? People still in? Oh gosh! Everyone out? Woohoo! There was Sabrina and Hash hound's sister to welcome as first time guests. 

There were three impressive run totals: Cheryl at 650, Xx at 650 and Glamour at 1250! Fantastic! Hilariously, Psycho asked Glamour- our very own founding member- who brought her to her first hash! A trick question apparently!

It was also Cheryl's last run and we all felt sorry to see Cheryl go. We joined in a chorus of the Goodbye song for her. After 25 years in Brunei and 16 years Hashing on the Ladies Hash, she is a Hash Queen and she will be missed. Over the years she's done put in so much work for the Hash in various committee roles and all that hard work is greatly appreciated. We wish her all the very best and hope all goes well with the move to Portugal.

Next week's run is at Mata-Mata. We've not been there for a while and we're also having the shout up there for the first time in a while. From Jalan Gadong coming from Gadong turn right at the Telanai turn, where they're building the overpass. From there they'll be a sign, it's the first proper left turn, or go up to the funny roundabout and go left. From Tutong Link it's left at the second big roundabout (coming from i-lotus direction) and then the second funny roundabout it's a right- there will be a sign. Traffic is slow on Jalan Gadong- Telanai at the moment, at that time of day. (BUT then its the school holidays for government school...ed)

The theme is Nikolaus and there'll be lots of homage to the German traditions (mainly chocolate themed :) If you spot a piece of paper with a picture of Saint Nick in the jungle then bring it out to claim a prize! 

NEXT RUN: MATA-MATA - celebrating Nikolaus

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