Tuesday, December 13, 2016

run no. 2520 MATA-MATA 6 DEC 2016

RUN NO. 2520
DATE: 6 DEC 2016

So it really was the actual day of Saint Nicholas so those of us who had forgotten to leave our shoes out or hadn’t had them filled with coins were able to get their Saint Nick fix at the hash.  About 45 of us assembled amongst the dust and construction trucks of Mata Mata.  The tent hadn’t arrived but we optimistically trotted into the jungle up the rough road not sure what to expect but what a pretty run it was!  It was loooong (various apps recorded it as 5.09, 5.2 and 5.89 but in my book just loooong suffices) lots of great bridges and for the walkie talkies a great sunset.  Some hills and one b…h of a hill - I naively thought, don’t worry, just get to the top of this and you’re nearly done …. then I remembered who’d set this run and realised that hill was no where near the finish!!  Came out to find tent up and all good - this is smooth running H3 after all (no pun intended ….) 

We celebrated the 4 hares in height order - Ryvita, Lykke, Sarah and Merrill (last 2 were virgins) all sporting rather smart flashing Santa hats.  Our JMs sported rather splendid Saint Nick hats too

Then a Brit, Canadian and South African walked into a pub ….. no wait it’s not joke time yet - that’s the 3 first time guests - Sarah, Darlene and Micheline.  No new members

And then CHOCOLATE got handed out to those who found the little strips of paper with Saint Nick on.  For those who didn’t find any there were no tears because there was chocolate, chocolate and chocolate for dessert!

Talking of tears - then came the presentation of bells and The Book to Smurf leaving Brunei after … how many years? 19 or 29? Very long anyway, like the run. Psycho was so emotional that she told Smurf “hello, thank you, welcome, bugger off”.  When Smurf arrived in Brunei there was a waiting list for the ladies hash (all good things come to those who wait), when she was able to join she just brought herself (she was the founder of H4).  Total of 803 runs. She will be missed - Smurf and hashing are synonymous right?   

To help us get over this emotional part of the evening we had some entertainment - RADA are booking flights as I type - hashing is serious stuff so this was a live performance of “checking” - so we had “checking from here” then disperse, find paper, on on paper, relay, keep calling or something like that and somebody mentioned a quiz next week ….

We had a hash shit and it wasn’t Peachy Keen!  Poor old Sharon - took it like a pro - her guest put her name down but no tick out or in, ooops

We tucked into yummy dribbly Laksa.  Thanks hares, a great run and evening.

HARES: Rachel, Pea Hen, Pee Wee, Speedy Gonzalez

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